You Might Be A Designer If...

14 June 2006  •  Filed under ,

  • You walk around the Washington DC on your vacation and are as equally fascinated by the pervasive use of Clarendon as you are by the giant sample of brain coral on display at the Natural History Museum.
  • You veto eating at a restaurant for purely aesthetic reasons (e.g. “it looks like Grandma’s basement threw up in there.”, “I’m not eating cheese sticks next to an overturned canoe, a velvet painting of Elvis and tackle box! I don’t care how ‘Americana’ it is!”, etc.).
  • You’ve ever referred to Myriad Pro Semibold as sexy.
  • You decide that the next time you paint your room, you want to use a lovely shade of #ff9933. Update: Whoops! Forgot to credit this one to the ghost of Abel, though the hex color he picked looked like dead salmon entrails.
  • You still buy toys. And you have one sitting on your desk right now.

Am I missing anything?


Rob Weychert » 14 June 2006 #

When you spill a glass of water, you instinctively reach for Command+Z.

RSL » 14 June 2006 #

Myriad? Sexy? Really?? I’m a Bodoni boy myself. [And yes, I think Bodoni is sexy.]

Kraemer » 14 June 2006 #

... when you wish a fate worse than death on the person that touches your display

Wade Winningham » 14 June 2006 #

... When you ask a site dev to adjust a margin by one more pixel.

Elizabeth » 15 June 2006 #

...the sight of brush script gives you hives

Jared Christensen » 15 June 2006 #

Hehe… good stuff! Keep it coming! :)

Jerry Nummi » 15 June 2006 # won’t buy a product if the packaging has the Comic Sans typeface on it!

finbarr » 15 June 2006 #

you refer to people as font types… ie: someone you think is boring you refer to as Arial

Lindsay » 15 June 2006 #

...when you easily sacrifice a window seat at the office to avoid the sun glare.

The font I notice everywhere is Agfa Rotis Semisans. ;)

Jeff Kenny » 15 June 2006 #

...ummm…you actually try to figure out what PMS color your skin tone is. I’m somewhere between 4685U and 4675U, with a bunch of 4645U freckles.

Matthew Esparza » 16 June 2006 #

. . . if some of the items in your folio are not the final client approvals – and you’re showing like it should of been.

Jared Christensen » 16 June 2006 #

...if some of the items in your folio are not the final client approvals – and you’re showing like it should of been.

No, you’re thinking of Clueless Management Types. ;) Designers know better.

Matthew Esparza » 17 June 2006 #

Here you go Jared,
... when your computer recieves more TLC than your; girlfriend, wife, car, home, dishes, carpet, bills, personal attire.

David Hale » 17 June 2006 #

...when you find yourself discussing the subtleties between 5 shades of (insert color here) for over an hour.

Leopold Porkstacker » 19 June 2006 #

“You Might Be A Designer If…” judge a printed advertisement based on leading, tracking, and kerning pairs (I do this), and then quickly come to the conclusion that some bonehead MS Office equipped wannabe designer used a crappy-ass Truetype font instead of a proper Postscript typeface.

-he who stacks pork

Darren Ansley » 19 June 2006 #

You go on vacation and insist on taking pictures of a trash can because you think the typography is awesome and inspiring.

alain » 19 June 2006 #

...when you start coloring in your two-year-old’s sesame street coloring book because you just thought of a great color scheme for Bert’s striped shirt. I think I may have a problem…

Jared Christensen » 19 June 2006 #

This stuff is priceless. Seriously. :)

Wäde » 20 June 2006 #

...everything you see turns into CSS in your mind…

Anne » 20 June 2006 #

...when you are corned at a parent-teacher conference because your six-year-old refuses to follow the Zaner-Bloser Handwriting method because he told his teacher he prefers serif fonts for body copy.

True story.

She was very happy to see him go . . .

Abel Rios » 21 June 2006 #

You decide that the next time you paint your room, you want to use a lovely shade of #ff9933.

Even though I picked out some oogly shade of Deep Festering Salmon Guts, you should still give credit, where credit is due, sucka. =P

“You Might Be A Designer If…” organize your fridge, as if it were a swatch library. wish that moving items in your house were as easy as resizing its vector form.

Jared Christensen » 21 June 2006 #

Deep Festering Salmon Guts is the new black. It’s gonna take over the world.

Hugh Griffith » 23 June 2006 #

...your closet is full of Threadless t-shirts

Brandon » 29 June 2006 #

LOL. I thoroughly enjoyed this!! haha

Ryan » 7 July 2006 #

...if you know who Imogen Heap (or Frou Frou) is. :)

Abel Rios » 10 July 2006 # collect album art.

Tim » 19 July 2006 #

...your girlfriend brings colourfull flyers home wich she found in a record store, just to please you (true story).

© Jared Christensen

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