Why, Yes -- I Am Going to South By Southwest.

3 March 2008  •  Filed under ,

Photo of me. Sort of.Thanks for asking!

As numerous other designy-types have announced, I too announce that I will be attending this year’s famously nerdy SXSWi conference. This will be my third year of attendance, and yet there are many people I have “met” online that I have not met in person. Please print the actual photo of me on this page for reference if you wish, and come say “Hi” of you see me. Do not count on the bowtie as a positive identifier. For those of you lodging at the Hampton, I will be the freakishly tall fellow making a mess of the waffle maker or otherwise spilling or dropping something. It’s a curse.

In contrast to past years, this will be the first year that I haven’t had to lodge in some faraway hotel and commute into downtown Austin, so that’ll be nice. I look forward to not engaging in the following activities:

  • waking up really early to make it into town on time
  • lugging around a laptop anything I think I might need, because I might possibly need it at some point during the day
  • listening to the highway serenade me to sleep thru a paper-thin door
  • enduring morning traffic

Things I am looking forward to:

  • hearing some great panels and learning something new
  • hitting up Toy Joy
  • hitting up Amy’s Ice Cream.
  • hitting up Waterloo Records.
  • hitting up anyplace with good live music
  • eating good food

So leave those laptops in the hotel room, put your tray table up, refrain from flash photography and enjoy the conference the way it was meant to be experienced: in Texas. Which is to say: relax.


Bryan J Busch » 3 March 2008 #

Yeah, sorry about that far-away hotel that one time. That sucked.

Jared » 3 March 2008 #

Oh, that hotel was quite pleasant, and its proximity to a Kerby Lane made up for the distance we had to travel. :)

Hamish M » 3 March 2008 #

Best of luck with all your hitting and eating!

Sadly I lack the funds and time (really, it’s more about the time…) to go to SXSW, but one day, I’m going to have to check it out.

JAbbott » 3 March 2008 #

Won’t be long now. I’m also glad to be staying at the Hampton – that faraway hotel commute sounds like a buzz kill.

Joshua Lane » 4 March 2008 #

I won’t be making a mess of the waffle maker, but I’m sure I’ll spill something in that Hampton breakfast/kitchen area. If I’m lucky, everything I drop will land on Mr. Weychert.

Keegan Jones » 4 March 2008 #

I had NO idea that Abe Lincoln was going to be at SXSW this year. What an honor. We should hang out and sign some papers (that’s what presidents do, right?)

Jared » 4 March 2008 #

If by “sign papers” you mean “eat flippin' quesadillas” then, yes, let’s! :D

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