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7 April 2006  •  Filed under

I don’t want to hear a peep from anyone about how “uncool” memes are. It’s a slow news day and I’m a sellout. Besides, this meme is only mildly narcissistic, and you know how much designers like to talk about themselves. Don’t front, y’all. I won’t be passing this meme along in typical virus fashion; instead, all of you dear readers are free to bust out the nostaligia and perpetuate it if you so choose.

Where was I one year ago?

Hmmm. Let’s consult the archives, shall we? Oh yes, I was finishing up my design for Zaadz with my effervescent design buddies. I was also in the midst of making trips to Plano, Texas to meet, negotiate, and plan employment details with my soon-to-be compadres at Bright Corner.

Where was I five years ago?

Let’s see… that was 2001, right? Don’t laugh (or do), but I believe I was working as a picture framer at Hobby Lobby in lieu of more gainful employment opportunities. Thanks a lot, you stinking internet bubble. I hope you died an excruciating, painful death. Note to Web 2.0: if you so much as breathe a threatening odor into my career path I will hunt you down and strangle you with your own asyncronous JavaScript.

Where was I ten years ago?

I was finishing up my college program, an Electronic Graphics degree with a focus on 3D animation. And playing tons of Quake. The web was so young. Oh, interweb! I barely knew thee!


Wade Winningham » 7 April 2006 #

I know I’m not the only person amused by the you mentioning that “designers like to talk about themselves.” This from someone I could see giving an oral presentation using nothing but non-verbal communication.

Jared Christensen » 7 April 2006 #

I mean “talk” in the abstracted sense, of course. You’d be lucky to drag a dozen words out of my mouth in meatspace, but in my case “talking” = typing. ;)

Andrew » 8 April 2006 #

Ten years ago I was working on my web site that had a tilde in the URL.

Jared » 11 April 2006 #

Ten years ago I was working as a janitor at a pet salon for $4.25 an hour.

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