Semi-New Artwork: Juliana Portrait

7 December 2004  •  Filed under

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I love drawing. I have realized, lately, how much I miss it. There is satisfaction to be gained from drawing that can’t be reproduced anywhere else. It’s amazing what human beings can do with a pencil, a pen, or a nub of charcoal.

In the world of computer-assisted art and design, I have become accustomed to doing things quickly. Copy it, paste it, fill it, rubber stamp it. Don’t get me wrong; I love what I do, and web design isn’t really as simple as copying and pasting. I believe there is a true creative process in the planning, design and development of the web. I enjoy the speed with which technology enables me to work. But I also enjoy the time, patience, and skill it takes to move images from my eyes to my hands to paper.

I used to draw a lot. The portrait below is one that I ran across last night in an old sketchbook. I have sketchpads full of artwork, collecting dust in a bin under the bed. I want to draw again. So one of my early New Years’ resolutions is to reaquaint myself with my analog output.


Jeff Smith » 7 December 2004 #

Wow, that is an amazing sketch!

Drawing is something that I used to do a lot of as well, but haven’t in the past 5 or 6 years. University and work seem to have gotten in the way, along with, as you said Jared, the speed at which I can create works digitally. Maybe it’s a new year’s resolution I should look into as well.

Jeremy » 7 December 2004 #

Incredible sketch Jared! Sort of on the subject, the other day when filling out a rent check, I realized how “alien” the feeling of writing by hand is to me…unacceptable. Must get out the paints and pencils. – cheers

Jared » 7 December 2004 #

Every time I have to write, I am reminded of how much of my writing is done on a keyboard. Same thing happens when I draw; I remember how much I use a mouse. I used to have good handwriting, but it’s really slipped. I get writer’s cramps too easily these days. I gotta rebuild my tolerance!

Jeremy » 8 December 2004 #

I am in agreement. Its weird to realize that I now draw and paint with only a mouse. Very strange. Somethings gotta give

Fernando Dunn II » 11 December 2004 #

Jared, I feel your pain. I started making myself do a daily drawing a couple months ago. I started out nicely, but couldn’t quite stick to it.

It’s been two months and I only have about 8 drawings that I published as journal posts on my site. I’ve taken them down as I rearrange things for my redesign though.

My goal for the next year(s) is also the same as yours. I want to create some of the awesome artwork that my high school teachers and family expected me to continue making.

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