25 October 2021  •  Filed under ,

It’s been a rough (almost) two years. COVID itself has been disruptive enough, but the ongoing pandemic has caused so many parallel challenges as well—a real ripple effect. Maybe you’ve experienced the same thing.

I don’t know who even reads this blog anymore. For those that do: I appreciate you. I hope what I share is meaningful. If it isn’t, that’s okay. If I’m only writing to myself, that’s good enough. I’m enjoying it again. One of the things that has resulted from this pandemic is the collapse of those remaining walls that have kept me from feeling like I could express myself without censure. I don’t feel like writing thought leadership pieces right now. I feel like writing about more emotional pursuits. In time, maybe I’ll feel swallowed up by something else, and then I’ll write about that.

Also, I’m OK! Just reshaping, that’s all. After experiencing such drastic external changes—spending the majority of the last two years suddenly working at home, bringing takeout back home, trying to entertain myself at home, and never being more than a couple rooms away from my loved ones—I find it inevitable that there would be an equal measure of internal change.

And—honestly—as difficult as it’s been at times, I kind of hope the reshaping never ends.

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