Recalculating Route

29 January 2019  •  Filed under

At some point over the last few years I decided that this blog should be reserved for design topics. It’s a curious decision to arrive at given my history of writing (about) some truly weird stuff. I think I looked at the smart design writing pouring out of some of my favorite design-minded peers and concluded that I should be doing exactly the same thing.

That decision has worked out great, as you can see; I’ve averaged 1 article per year over the last 10 years, and even then they were not all design-related. My lack of writing means that when I sit down to write down those oh-so-coveted design insights, the words are hard to find, the story hard to tell, because I haven’t been writing. About anything.

It’s truly obvious to say that writing about anything will strengthen writing skills more than waiting for rare moments of specifically-topical inspiration, but it’s also obviously true. That’s not to say that every random thought needs to become an article, but it does mean considering a broader range of topics. This may come as a shock, but there is more to life than design. Hopefully you’ll find those things as interesting as I do.

Recalculating route…

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