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3 November 2021  •  Filed under

YouTube continues to be my primary source of musical discovery, giving me the good stuff that Spotify and can’t seem to match. Everything seems to be coming up Korean these days, with shows—like the breakout Squid Game—and movies all over Netflix, and K-pop groups like BTS and Blackpink getting a lot of attention in the United States. I’ve also recently run across an unexpectedly vibrant K-Indie music scene and I am here for it.

Luli Lee is the first artist I ran across, and boy does she keep her dance card full. In addition to playing bass in least three other K-Indie bands, she has also been releasing solo material over the last couple of years. Her sound is really light and crisp with a smattering of retro synth flavor, and—unsurprisingly for a bass player—almost everything has really strong and inventive grooves.

“Dive” is by far my favorite song, though she really doesn’t write any bad ones. If you’re looking for another great one, try “About Summer” and then dive into (pun absolutely intended) her latest EP, Let Me Dive Into This Moment. (That EP has a super-sweet premise, by the way, each song embodying “a certain moment I want to live in and keep repeating”.)

This is fresh stuff. I love it. I made you a playlist.

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