Loving: The Duke Spirit - Neptune

19 February 2008  •  Filed under

The last time I heard anything by The Duke Spirit, I recall thinking, “Hey, some of this scrappy garage rock is pretty good” before bookmarking their site and forgetting about them. In the last week, I haven’t been able to stop listening to the new material.

Neptune rides a watery, seafaring meme that is soaked in everything from watery 60’s grooves to churning guitar rock. I imagine that if you’re a disciple of 90’s alt rock like me, you’ll be all over this album like seaweed on a California Roll. The band was streaming the new album in its entirety for a few days, but now you’ll have to make do with a few select tracks. Though the album isn’t being “released” until April in the United States (read: lame) you can buy it on iTunes right now. I know. Go figure.

Enjoy those streaming tracks. And here’s a pretty neat video for “The Step and The Walk.” And sorry for all the water-related verbs and adjectives. Couldn’t resist.

© Jared Christensen

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