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26 April 2006  •  Filed under

I’ve got Jon to thank for this gem, though it seems that he (and, subsequently, I) have other unknown or unremembered sources to thank as well. So thank-you’s all around, mmmkay?

The Submarines are John Dragonetti & Blake Hazard, and Declare A New State! is a collection of songs that they each wrote to each other while being apart. Sweet, huh? There is a purity and simplicity to these songs that is just mesmerizing. It is intimate and light, dark, sad and beautiful. Every now and again Blake’s voice channels Lisa Loeb. And I just love this album to bits.

From TheSubmarines.com:

Blake is a girl from the cold northern state of Vermont. John was raised in the hot arid sands of Dubai. They met in Boston and made a record of Blake’s songs. They then travelled near and far to play John’s songs, and then Blake’s again. At last the two moved out west to seek adventure, but sadly parted on a bleak November day. They wrote songs, each in their own place, about their dismay and unhappiness without the other. Their songs said things they hadn’t said in person, and when they hear them — together — it all made sense. In fact, life made more sense together. After a while, having realized this, they became the Submarines. Here is the record they wrote to each other, before during and after the sad days apart. There’s hope and darkest things, there’s peace and hate, even such modern inventions as the feeling of a brighter discontent. So ready or not, clouds or sunshine, about this conversation between the two we vote yes!

I like how those last two sentences manage to cram in all but one of the album’s song titles. ;) “Brighter Discontent” is my favorite track at the moment, though “favorite track” is a hard thing to commit to right now. Hope you enjoy it, too!


Josue Salazar » 26 April 2006 #

I absolutely love them. I found them when Jon linked to them on his site, and fell in love after listening to “Peace and Hate” once.

This is the best album of 2006 as far as i’m concerned. No other album will top this.

It’s hard to say anything about them, reader: if you don’t like them, make yourself like them. It’s that simple, else you’ll be missing out on some of the best music ever made.

The Submarines are simply spectacular.

Josue Salazar » 26 April 2006 #

Forgot to link to this image. It’s my iTunes ratings and play count for each song. As you can see, Peace & Hate is my favorite.

Jared Christensen » 26 April 2006 #

Nice, Josue! I am hooked on the last 3 song of the album right now. So purty. Blake’s solo work is great as well.

© Jared Christensen

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