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9 January 2006  •  Filed under

Free Music EP
50 Foot Wave

I can’t believe I fell asleep on this one. It’s bad enough that I didn’t mention this band in my Year in Hyperlinks, but completely missing a free internet-only release? Shame on me! Golden Ocean was one of 2005’s best rock records, and now 50 Foot Wave are following that album up with a free EP. Yes, free.

The aptly titled Free Music EP is available for download in both FLAC and MP3 formats and inlcudes cover art, lyrics sheet, album info, and band pictures.

Back in 2004, another favorite artist of mine launched a similar experimental project. But where that artist’s focus was more directed at seeing whether or not an “honor system” of payment for music could be created online, 50 Foot Wave’s initial focus seems to be to simply circumvent all the problems caused when money enters the equation. So many in the music business just don’t get it. The future of music revenue lies in creating real fans. So much music out there today is designed to provide only temporary satisfaction, and therefore only yields fairweather fans. Releasing free music tells people that you’re serious about music, not hitting them up for cash. It promotes loyalty and sharing, no strings attached. It shows generosity and openness. It’s the kind of brilliant move I’d like to see more musicians try out.

So, please — check out 50 Foot Wave. It won’t cost you a cent, and you can burn it, share it, post it, and link it to your heart’s content. You know, all that stuff the RIAA hates.


beth » 9 January 2006 #

50 Foot Wave puts on a pretty good live show, too.

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