Monday February 6, 2006

LinkedIn Listens.

I can’t claim to have had any direct influence on the change, but the timing sure leans in my favor. After emailing LinkedIn and posting my last entry, “The Case of The Lying Link,” the My Profile page has changed (highlighting mine):

Image: LinkedIn Profile

Each item in the “header” area now has an “Edit” link next to it, making it dead easy to know where to click to change the item. It may be a bit of overkill, but it certainly clears up a lot of confusion.

So whaddaya know? Customer feedback really can make a difference. And I feel as though LinkedIn actually cares about the experiences of its users, which makes me happier to stay on board and use the service. Kudos!

Update: It would appear that this post and my email to LinkedIn did indeed have a direct influence on the change. The next time you run into a frustrating interface, just remember that there may actually be something you can do about it. ;-)


Dan Mall » 5500 days ago #

Awesome! Nothing like design vigilantes, using your powers for good.

Jared Christensen » 5500 days ago #

Ha! Design vigilantes, huh? I like that.

Mat » 5499 days ago #

Wow, you have quite some pull.

Not quite as much as me. I mean, I simply had to hint that I wanted in on the meme and it happened, like that.

Jared Christensen » 5499 days ago #

Meme control is where it’s at. Word.

Nathan Smith » 5499 days ago #

That’s great, to see a bit of complaining feedback affecting positive change. Behold, the power of the pink blog. Very cool on LinkedIn’s part to impliment the improvements so speedily.

Graham Bancroft » 5495 days ago #

Good work. I have this problem with my bank, every time I try to get some money out, it tells me I don’t have any. Can you help?

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