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27 June 2004  •  Filed under ,

Life is grand. You know, I just learned the other day that Creed broke up. Man, that’s awesome. The official press release on their website is replete with vagueness and offers no reason for the breakup. I think we can all surmise that The Drummer and The Guitarist got sick of The Stapp’s rockstar posturing and longstanding infection with Lead Singer’s Syndrome and had to kill the band before it got seriously weird.

The Summer of Music is underway! It began a few weeks ago with the Damesviolet show at Crabby Jack’s. What a lame place. It’s the complete and honest truth when I say that Jessica and I were the only people who were there to see the band. It was sad and awesome at the same time because we got a private show. Even though it was just us, they blew the roof off. Beaux came out to thank us at the end of the show for sticking around and being enthusiastic about the show even though no one was there.

We took our friend Sarah to see Damesviolet open for Flickerstick two weeks ago. The turnout was a much better, but I think most of the crowd came to see Flickerstick. Still, the band played to impress. Sarah is a new fan. Their set was shorter than I would have liked, but I know they didn’t have any control over that. We bought a few of the new CD’s and go them signed between sets. I’ve been playing that CD nonstop for days.

I was kind of excited to hear Flickerstick because I’d seen them on VH1’s “Band on the Run” series a few years ago. They sounded pretty good back then, but about 3 songs into their set, we decided that their live show was less that awesome and left. Beaux caught us on our way out and thanked us again for our support and made sure we were coming to their CD release party the next weekend. Cool guy, that Beaux.

Last Friday night was the CD release party in Austin at Stubb’s BBQ. Despite the small venue, Stubb’s was PACKED with fans. It was surreal, because we’ve only seen Damesviolet play to VERY small crowds in San Antonio. But Austin loves their Damesviolet, and it shows. The set was longer than usual and featured lots of great songs from both albums. They looked like they were having a lot more fun than we’d ever seen, which was a little sad because they deserved to have that much fun in San Antonio, too. It was a great show. There was an awesome drum and bass interlude by Tommy and Evan and a hysterical costume change for the encore. The guys all changed into Damesviolet tshirts, purple boas and cheesy purple sunglasses. The final song was an unbelieveably rocking cover of Billy Squier’s “Lonely Is The Night.”

Next week is the much-anticipated return of Juliana Hatfield to Austin. That show will be at Stubb’s as well. I can’t wait!

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