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10 November 2021  •  Filed under

Years ago, I purchased Boom—an audio enhancement app—for my computers. I mostly listened to music with headphones while I worked, and turning on Boom was a revelation. It made me realize that listening to music straight from my Mac sounded like a hobo shouting through a tin can. The difference was night and day.

Recently, I remembered that I had an old Philips shelf unit sitting in a box in another room. It had always sounded really good to me, and I’d intended on connecting it to my Mac, just to see what it would sound like. I was just missing a simple cable, which I ordered on the spot.

It sounded pretty good, but the years had taken a toll on one of the speakers. Even with a bit of disassembly to fix a loose wire, the sound from one of the tweeters was still a bit muffled, throwing off the balance. After a bit of research and looking for a good deal, I landed on a pair of Klipsch R-51PMs to try out as upgrades.

Good lord.

From the moment I got everything connected and pushed the first song through the speakers, I knew that I had been making a huge mistake in not doing this sooner. Purchasing Boom for my computers was the first good decision I made for music listening. This is the second. These two things together are blowing my mind.

Headphones are great, but there’s something powerful about sitting in front of quality speakers that headphones can’t match. I know there’s a lot of debate around headphones vs. speakers, but music filling the air sounds amazing to me. There’s a physical experience to it that makes the slight loss of detail so worth it. The volume, the bass reflex, the broader soundstage, the vibrations running across my desk—it’s all just so damn satisfying.

I feel like I’m falling in love with music all over again.

© Jared Christensen

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