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24 September 2007  •  Filed under

Surely you saw this coming.

As I sit here drinking a Coke for lunch, it seems only appropriate to report my failure to quit Coke cold-turkey. I made a sterling effort, if I do say so myself, but in the end I suppose I have less willpower than I thought. Or the issue became less important to me as time marched onward. Either way, I made it a respectable 4(-ish) months avoiding not only Coke, but soft drinks of any kind. During that time, I felt more energized and didn’t suffer from post-lunch drowsiness (well, not as frequently; there’s only so much one can do to defend against an enchilada plate).

But all is not lost. I do still want to cut out soft drinks altogether, but perhaps at a more judicious pace. I liked the way I felt without all that carbonation, caffeine and sugar tumbling between my platelets, and want to give it another go.

So that’s my confession, in the spirit of Bold Moves, transparency and all that jazz. Let the scorning begin.


Jason Beaird » 24 September 2007 #

So, was it the plethora of icy-cold caffeinated beverages that were so freely available at the Jam Session that got ya? I couldn’t believe they were giving away Frappuccinos too. I consumed more than my fair share of those.

Jared Christensen » 24 September 2007 #

Well, indirectly. Soft drinks are so ubiquitous in our culture. It takes a conscious effort to remember not to partake. And I oftentimes have a bad memory. And I oftentimes have a bad memory. ;)

Mat » 24 September 2007 #

Oooh, ooh…here’s my opportunity to use a famous Chinese proverb:

If you must play, decide upon three things at the start: the rules of the game, the stakes, and the quitting time.

Khoi Vinh » 25 September 2007 #

It took me a while to kick Coca-Cola too. But I’m so glad that I did, and now I can’t believe I used to drink so much of the stuff.

Leonard Klaatu » 25 September 2007 #

No scorning here. You should do it. At least cut back.

Drink two 34 ounce bottles of Ozarka before noon, then two more in the afternoon – and you’ll be so waterlogged you won’t crave any liquid. And your bladder will get plenty of exercise, along with your legs (walking to the bathroom). But your heart, skin and other vital organs will thank you.

And I know bottled water is so NOT green – but I’m not buying into Gore’s global warming agenda, so no matter. Besides, we all know Dr. Pepper is vastly superior to Coke.

Justin » 26 September 2007 #

How you begin to feel after a few weeks of not drinking soda is great. Sure, you don’t get those “sugar highs.” But, you don’t get those lows that force you to drink more either. Of course, I need to start taking my own advice.

Shawn Grimes » 27 September 2007 #

Coca Cola is a beast! I have my own addiction to the ice cold goodness as well. I don’t know how you went 4 months without it. I’m lucky if I can get past the 4 hour mark (I think I’ve got issues).

cristina » 28 September 2007 #

For awhile I was on a no caffeine kick, but man that’s so hard! So I decided to switch to drinking half-caf’s at Starbucks. That seems to do it. But I still want that caffeine buzz. And the watered down Dunkin Donuts coffee doesn’t do it for me at all.

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