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7 July 2004  •  Filed under ,

Some awesome entertainment-related items have come to my attention that you may be interested in learning about:

  • The Terminal. A movie starring Tom Hanks as Viktor Navorski, a Krakosian man who finds flys to New York City only to learn upon arrival that, during his flight, a bloody coup has erupted in his homeland. With his Visa and passport unrecognized by the United States, Viktor is restricted to the International Transit Lounge until his situation is sorted out. What Viktor does with his time at the terminal is nothing short of inspirational and wonderful. This is by far one of the best movies I have ever seen.
  • The Cutters. The Cutters are a band out of Arcata, California who mix smart pop/punk music with endearing lyrics. With a sound that mixes the styles of bands like the Breeders, Elastica and Metric, The Cutters are definitely a band to keep your eye on.
  • The Juliet Dagger. This is one awesome band. Anyone who can remind me of the good old days of Veruca Salt when Nina and Louise were belting out the most killer harmonies in rock is worthy of praise. Leisha and Erin not only harmonize nicely, they also write some of the most catchy pop-rock east of the Mississippi. Listen to The Juliet Dagger on Pure Volume. Sadly, the download option is (still) broken, but the music stream is definitely worth your time.

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