Next Update Logo

Logo created for Next Update, a small software shop operated by Garrett Dimon.

The goal of this logo was to bring to life Garrett’s “summery, fun, and laid-back” vision of his new company. After a number of sketched ideas, Garrett and I both locked onto a simple but entertaining observation: that rotating a lowercase “n” yielded a lowercase “u.” There were attempts made to connect, interlock and otherwise conjoin the two letterforms, but the thing that interested us both the most was treating the “u” as a shadow cast by the “n.” This Escher-esque twist felt fresh after a couple of days, so we moved on it. The three-dimensionality of the mark gives it some substance and stability and the typeface (Serifa BT for the typographically curious) brings a sort of monospace/coding vibe into the mix, appropriately representing the nature of the company’s products.

I’ve written more detailed writeup of the logo creation process on my blog.

© Jared Christensen

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