JaxJox iOS & watchOS Apps

July 2019 (~2 weeks)

JaxJox produces connected fitness equipment and the apps to track performance metrics. With the release of their Foam Roller Connect product, a new device dashboard needed to be added to the iOS app to present athlete metrics. The foam roller also needed to be able to manage its settings from the app, so a Settings area needed to be designed. In addition, the client wanted a watchOS app that could also control the Foam Roller Connect.

iOS App Additions

With the addition of Foam Roller Connect, there were now five devices that could appear in the JaxJox app navigation. Wanting to cause the least amount of disruption possible, we decided to modify the tabbed navigation so that the selected device tab would stay pinned, and the user could swipe through a carousel to select another device. This pattern allowed JaxJox to add at least a few more devices before having to redesign the navigation.

Tweaked navigation allowing for a few more devices.

The Foam Roller Connect device dashboard was designed to look & function just like all the other dashboards, but since this was the first device to manage its settings via the app, a button was added to allow access to those controls.

The Settings presented various controls: turning the device on and off, selecting modes, adjusting vibration intensity, duration, etc. The client had a pretty clear idea of what they needed to provide, and I just figured out the best way to present it and make the interaction smooth.

New Foam Roller Connect screens for iOS.

watchOS App

This app was basically a minified version of the iOS app’s Settings. I hadn’t designed a watch app before, and it was both totally different and pretty fun. The vibration intensity icons turned out to be the most challenging part of this design, requiring a few iterations before we could all agree on a solution.

New Foam Roller Connect screens for watchOS.

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