Handango Website Redesign

Redesign of ecommerce site Handango.com.

Jared: Did the visual design, some IA and some general user experience development.

Team Players:Bryan Gidge (Information Architecture), Luis Garcia (Project Management), Sascha Youatt (Project Management), Alex Bischoff (Front-End Development), and many folks from Handango (Dina Ray, Kelly Mulroney, Shawn Freeman, Tucker Williams, Tim St. Clair).

Handango contracted a handful of user experience folks from Geniant to help them design a competitive new shopping experience that complemented their re-platforming and re-branding efforts.

My role was Visual Designer, but since there was not much to do in the way of visual design in the early stages of the project, I assisted with information architecture and other user experience initiatives.

One such exercise consisted of exploring fun ways to make customers feel rewarded and engaged when providing Handango with optional Profile and personal information. In a manner similar to Linkedin’s famous “profile completedness” progress bar, Handango’s proposed system would use the “signal strength” bars metaphor to level up customers as they saved their device(s), profile information, and interacted with others & the system (tagging, rating, and reviewing products & purchases). Ultimately, the idea was that reaching 100% “signal strength” would trigger rewards of some kind — perhaps discounts, downloads, or other perks.

Visual design was done under the direction of Todd Hart of Focus2, who also produced Handango’s new logo and general style direction.

Device selection

Selection of a device (phone, PDA) is at the core of the Handango experience. Users are prompted to select which device they are shopping for, and the site populates itself with compatible products.

L1 category page

L2 category page

Product detail page

Shopping cart

Account summary

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