Geniant Logo

A brand spanking new identity for Geniant.

Jared: Drew lots and lots of logos before the right one floated to the top.

Team Players: Stephen P. Anderson (Director of User Experience), Jeremy Johnson (Senior Interaction Designer).

When Geniant acquired Bright Corner in January 2006, it gained a team of designers who almost immediately began the creative process of rebranding the company. It’s always hardest to design for oneself, and it took nearly nine months of discussion, discovery, going back to square one and discovering again to arrive at a logo that everyone felt represented the company’s personality and goals.

The mark represents modernity, trustworthiness, strength and progression with a splash of GTD (the bottom two shapes look like check marks). It also ties into a company-wide campaign. The typeface is Etelka.

A sample of the many logo ideas considered along the way:

© Jared Christensen

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