Innotech Group. Identity and Site Business Transformation
Hey, Peter, what's happening? Yeeeaaah, this is really great and all, but I'm still gonna need you to come in on Saturday. Okay? Thaaaaanks.
18 March 2023

Translating Song Visualizations Into 3D-Printed Car Speaker Covers
Tasked with developing customized offerings for their automotive clients, Plaghki and his team began looking at using Materialise's technology to produce 3D-printed speaker covers. [...] the team was able to translate those values—amplitude, frequency, beat, pitch, tone, etc.—into a design language.
18 March 2023

The Atlantic makes the case for RSS.
"There’s a lot of anger towards Elon for what he’s doing to Twitter, but lets not forget the damage Google did when they turned off their RSS reader. We’ve lost a too much freedom, independence, and curiosity to corporate algorithms." Amen, brother.
18 March 2023

Does It Shoegaze? Harp Edition.
Not gonna lie, I'd listen the hell out of a harp-based shoegaze band. MAKE IT REAL
16 March 2023

Wonders of Street View
Virginia-based coder Neal Agarwal has collated some of the oddest pictures from around the world taken by Google in his new website Wonders of Street View.
8 February 2023

The Lime Two is a New and Improved Hot Shoe-Mounted Light Meter
After the success of the Lime One in 2020, German-based HEDECO has released the follow-up Lime Two which maintains a small form factor but adds new features and options.
3 February 2023

Frankie's Cultural Observations: Goths
"Goths have a morbid fascination with black magic, even though the only spell they've ever successfully cast was summoning their father's disappointment when they started wearing eyeliner at the age of 12."
31 January 2023

Photographer Fools the Internet With AI-Generated Cameras That Don’t Exist
But they absolutely should exist. *drools*
15 December 2022

I don't even listen to rap, but I keep watching this clip. The style, the flow, and the trilingual verses are all amazing. Wow.
15 December 2022

Zac Farro
Paramore's drummer is a pretty great photographer & music video director.
3 December 2022

In case you need this daily reminder. Feel all those feelings! Hand-drawn/cut black felt lettering, machined stitched onto a soft grey linen.
2 December 2022

BAND-MAID - from now on
ARE YOU KIDDING ME WITH THIS??? BAND-MAID's instrumental tracks have always been amazing, but this one goes soooo haaaaaard. I'm crying literal tears. It's so good.
27 November 2022

Robert Smith Funko Pop! Vinyl Figure
I don't own any Funko vinyl figures. Yet.
17 November 2022

Hans Gruber Advent Calendar
Featuring Hans Gruber falling from Nakatomi Plaza. Happy Holidays!
16 November 2022

Reddit: The Smashing Pumpkins - ATUM Act 1
Seems like a lot of fans are having the same reaction. Having just listened to it, I can say with confidence it won't get a second chance. It's truly terrible. Billy seems to enjoy chastising fans who want him to make Siamese Dream 2, saying that he's not interested in rehashing the past, but he's tried putting out the same cheap-synth clown car of a record three times now. How is that not rehashing?
16 November 2022

This is the thought leadership we need.
"Seeing Musk and Zuckerberg flail has me wondering how the world might benefit from an arts and crafts mandate for the powerful. Could all of this have been avoided with a $20 Michael’s run?"
15 November 2022

Chasing the Deer
The music video for “鹿逐” (Chasing the Deer) by Chinese post-rock band 感覺莓果 (Feeling Berry) popped up on my YouTube feed again. I love the song—especially the end. You’ll see. It’s exciting to see this kind of music come out of a country that is historically repressive.
13 November 2022

The Smashing Pumpkins' Spirits On Fire Tour Posters
The artwork for the Pumpkins’ 2022 tour is really gorgeous.
12 November 2022

Alvvays at The Depot in Salt Lake City - Oct 19, 2022
I continue to be blown away by the sound of Blue Rev, and these videos from the band’s Salt Lake show convince me that the album is fundamentally a live recording. So good.
11 November 2022

I Made a Linguistics Professor Listen to a Blink-182 Song and Analyze the Accent
Wow. Chicano influences was not on my bingo card.
28 October 2022

Elon Musk Completes $44 Billion Deal to Own Twitter
And just by pure coincidence, I'm toying with the prospect of rebooting my Links section. Weird.
28 October 2022

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