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25 October 2021 • Filed under ,

It’s been a rough (almost) two years. COVID itself has been disruptive enough, but the ongoing pandemic has caused so many parallel challenges as well—a real ripple effect. Maybe you’ve experienced the same thing. I don’t know who even reads this blog anymore. For those that do: I appreciate you. I hope what I share is meaningful. If it isn’t, that’s okay. If I’m only writing to myself, that’s good enough. I’m enjoying it again. One of the things that has resulted from this pandemic is the collapse of those remaining …

Recalculating Route

29 January 2019 • Filed under

At some point over the last few years I decided that this blog should be reserved for design topics. It’s a curious decision to arrive at given my history of writing (about) some truly weird stuff. I think I looked at the smart design writing pouring out of some of my favorite design-minded peers and concluded that I should be doing exactly the same thing. That decision has worked out great, as you can see; I’ve averaged 1 article per year over the last 10 years, and even then they were not all design-related. …

Writing as Problem Solving

29 January 2016 • Filed under ,

Several years ago I personally discovered (and I am certainly not the first person to do this) that writing out problems I encounter while designing often leads me to a clear solution. This exercise began as an attempt to solicit feedback from my coworkers via email, and to this day I often write inside an email program, even if I have no intention of sending. The exercise is simple enough: I write out my thoughts on the problem as a solicitation for help, frame it up to ask for the recipient’s thoughts at the end, review it, and …

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