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Textpattern: Clean RSS Feeds & Feed Updates

2 November 2005 • Filed under ,

Author’s note: Tested only on Textpattern 4.0 – 4.0.2. Feed Me! I was reminded in my last article that I had implemented clean RSS feeds on this site and never announced it or explained how it was accomplished. Truth be told, I thought that Jeremy Koempel would publish the code, since he basically handed it to me on a silver platter. Others may have done this before, and it may be published in other places, but the following is an explaination of how to achieve what I’d like to call Koempelized Clean Feeds&…

Hooray, Textpattern 4.0.2!

1 November 2005 • Filed under ,

You know, Textpattern just keeps getting better. Thanks are due, in no small part, to Dean Allen’s growing team of TXP developers. Nice work, guys! Sometimes development can be a thankless endeavor. Page not found So what’s new in this latest release? Say it with me: “Error pages!” Yes, 404 error handling has been refined. After TXP 4.0 broke standard .htaccess error handling, replacing it with an, um, ugly generic error page, version 4.0.2 adds an error_default page template under the Pages tab, allowing full visual access to the page’…

Textpattern: Hacking the Comment Form's Tabindex

30 August 2005 • Filed under ,

One longstanding frustration among Textpattern users has been the choice of the comment form’s default tabindex order as well as the fact that Textpattern does not assign a tabindex value to both the Preview and Submit buttons. Those who habitually tab through form fields have found themselves inexplicably thrown back to the top of the page after tabbing out of the Comments textarea. Make sense? Of course not! A stroke from the Tab key from the Comments box should naturally go to the Preview or Submit button. I’m no PHP whiz, so this discovery of mine …

Textpattern 4.0 Up and Running.

15 August 2005 • Filed under ,

I wish I could say that my switch to the first “stable” release of Textpattern was seamless and glitch-free. It wasn’t. In the Beginning… Upon upgrading and logging into the Admin panel to run the update script, I was greeted with a cascade of PHP errors. Actually, it was one error repeated ad nauseum. It took me a minute to figure out how to clear it from my screen (it was a language setting issue), but a novice user would have probably quit right there. Maybe it was an issue with upgrading, and not entirely TXP&#…

What's New? Search Me!

3 August 2005 • Filed under ,

I’ve been procrastinating the day I’d finally buckle down and get the search feature on this site smoothed out and functioning the way I want it to. At first I let it slide, letting Textpattern handle search results in its admittedly awful way. By default, Textpattern returns search results to the default page template and inside the <txp: article /> tag. In layman’s terms, that would place the search results for this website on the Home page, replacing the Recent Articles list with the search results. Not cool — or usable. Thank goodness …

Textpattern: Flexible Article Placement.

19 January 2005 • Filed under ,

This article assumes that the reader has a general understanding of Textpattern semantics and building blocks, such as forms and page templates. Tested only on Textpattern 1.0rc1. See end of article for updates to Textpattern 4.0. I have been wrestling with the implementation of static pages in Textpattern since I began working with it over 3 months ago. I read some tutorials, but they didn’t give me the ammunition I needed to resolve my particular issues. Up until today, my About page was 100% hardcoded; that is, there wasn’t a stitch of Textpattern code …

Textpattern: Building a Better Portfolio.

10 January 2005 • Filed under ,

You may or may not have noticed that the Portfolio has changed a bit. Since I have had a few people inquire as to how I was able to make the Portfolio behave the way it does, using Textpattern, I’ve decided to write up a quick explanation. This article assumes that the reader has a general understanding of Textpattern semantics and building blocks, such as forms and page templates. Tested only on Textpattern 1.0rc1. Before moving this site to Textpattern, my portfolio was set up — well — the way you see it now. Up until a …

Textpattern: Emails and URLs in Comments.

6 December 2004 • Filed under ,

I’d like to thank Daniel and Nathan for helping me out on a Textpattern issue. By default, when a visitor posts a comment and fills in all the comment fields (name, email, URL, and message), their name becomes a hyperlink to the submutted URL value when the comment is finally published. But if the visitor leaves out the URL value, their name becomes a mailto: email link, and that can be cause for concern. While the emails addresses my be encoded, you may not want your readers to have access to others’ email addresses (especially if you are …

Plugged In: The RSS Edition.

1 December 2004 • Filed under ,

By popular request (meaning someone asked and I had free time), The Plugged In sidebar links are now available via RSS feed. Don’t you just love the sound of that? RSS feeeeeeed. It just rolls off the tongue like so much sweet chocolate. The Atom feed is giving my so much grief that I’m not even going to mess with it anymore unless a lot of people beg me to. Or unless I have some free time tomorrow… Enjoy! Update: A documented bug in Textpattern prevents the Last-Modified header …

Season Of Change.

3 November 2004 • Filed under ,

It was my honor and privilege to participate in two important events yesterday. Election. I haven’t voted in all presidential elections since I turned 18, but I have voted in the majority of them. I think I may have skipped the Clinton/Bush election due to a case of “Imsickofthiscrapititis”, but I have since repented of my ways. I feel good about casting my vote, even though it would be a cold day in hell if my preferred candidate actually won. That should give you a better idea of who I didn’t vote for. Conversion. I&#…

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