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O Hai, I'm Back from SXSWi. And I Learned Something.

12 March 2008 • Filed under ,

Another pilgrimage to Austin, Texas has passed and with it another great year at SXSWi. After last year’s sort of dismal vibe, I considered not going again. But as the time drew near, I found myself growing more optimistic about this conference. Hope floats. And so do cheesy titles of Sandra Bullock movies, apparently. While there were a couple of panels that certainly didn’t live up to their potential, I was pleased overall with the quality of my experience. And it was nice to meet some new people/talk more with those I’ve meet …

Why, Yes -- I Am Going to South By Southwest.

3 March 2008 • Filed under ,

Thanks for asking! As numerous other designy-types have announced, I too announce that I will be attending this year’s famously nerdy SXSWi conference. This will be my third year of attendance, and yet there are many people I have “met” online that I have not met in person. Please print the actual photo of me on this page for reference if you wish, and come say “Hi” of you see me. Do not count on the bowtie as a positive identifier. For those of you lodging at the Hampton, I will be the freakishly tall fellow making …

SXSW 2006: Day 4

15 March 2006 • Filed under ,

Ah, relief and sadness. The final day of SXSW. I’m tired and ready to go home, but it feels like this conference has passed by too quickly. It feels like we’ve just begun… Behind the Scenes: Developing OS X and Longhorn Tom Merritt, Cordell Ratzlaff, Mark Ligameri This was an interesting panel for me since it actually came from the perspectives of designers, not developers. Notes: OSX design was really driven by Steve Jobs, who really pushed the new UI through the hesitation and red tape. He also compared the working version of OSX every …

SXSW 2006: Day 3

14 March 2006 • Filed under ,

Today’s panels were sort of “hit or miss.” Two that I went to didn’t leave me with what I expected; one was completely different than I surmised from the title and description, and the other was fun but mostly uniformative relative to my interests (which I thought would be piqued). Anyhow, what follows are some notes from my day: Remixing Business for a Convergent World Alexandra Samuel, Robert Scoble, Sloan Foster, Jason Levitt, Eric Steuer Question: What does convergence mean to you and your business? An ecosystem of users & developers Move from top-down to …

SXSW 2006: Day 2

13 March 2006 • Filed under ,

So I have this utterly brilliant plan to capture my notes and ideas at the end of each day. Genius. Yesterday I did okay, and though I was really tired I was able to stick to the plan and do a pretty effective brain dump. Today’s notes will be shorter, but not for lack of quality panels or learning. I’m just tired. ;) What’s Hot in Web Applications Scott Dietzen, Seth Sternberg, Peter Merholz, BJ Fogg This panel included the creators or principals of YackPack, Meebo and Zimba — 3 fairly high-profile “web 2.…

SXSW 2006: Day 1

12 March 2006 • Filed under ,

This is as much an experimental exercise as it is an effort to share thoughts and notes that are fresh on my mind. I’m not much of a note-taker, so we’ll see how this goes as I review the events of today: Traditional Design and New Technology Panel: Jason Santa Maria, Khoi Vinh, Toni Greaves, Mark Boulton, Liz Danzico. Most of the discussion in this panel revolved around the idea that art direction on the web has been lost, and that the emotional connections formed while interacting with print media aren’t being replicated …

See Y'all Down South.

7 March 2006 • Filed under

Though I have been a South Texas resident for as long as the South by Southwest Interactive Festival has been around, this will be my first official year of attendance. I did take a day off with my buddy Matt to attend the amazingly boring (and free) trade show last year, where I managed to get all flustered introducing myself to Zeldman and Joe Clark. Ah, celebrity. But this year I will be attending the whole shebang, from start to finish, and I’m pretty excited about that. Being a SXSW noob, I’ve discovered that you only …

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