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The summer of 1997 was a turning point. After wandering down various roads, unsure of what I was supposed to do with my life, I had recently finished all the college I was willing to take. Hopeful that my aptitude for a newfound love of 3D modeling and animation was enough, I had applied for a job with the only gaming company that I knew of in my home state of Texas: id Software, makers of such classics as Wolfenstein 3D, Doom, and Quake. I never heard back, but something else happened that summer that changed my life forever. I …

Wherein I Shamelessly Pimp My New Employer's Service.

9 June 2008 • Filed under ,

As I post this, I am about to enjoy a 10-minute commute to a brand new job. I have joined the team of energetic and passionate folks at Viewzi. For the uninitiated, Viewzi is a visual contextual search engine. Instead of delivering search results right away in a standard text-based manner like most search engines, Viewzi answers your search request with a “view mix.” That view mix offers you a variety of ways that you can visualize your search results. Once you choose a “view,” you experience your search results. Today marks the launch of the public beta, …

Refresh Dallas.

28 October 2005 • Filed under

Refresh Dallas was originally the brainchild of designer Eris Free. It is an effort to form a face-to-face community of web standards-oriented individuals working and living in the greater Dallas/Forth Worth area. After a long hiatus, the group is back in the swing of things and has organized a meeting! The Low-Down When: November 10th at 7:30 pm Where: Christopher Parr Library, Plano TX What’s going on: Garrett Dimon and Stephen Anderson of Bright Corner will be discussing current trends in Information Architecture including folksonomies, faceted classifications, site maps, wireframes, page description …

SXSW: The Recap.

14 March 2005 • Filed under

Not much to report on regarding today’s road trip to the SXSW Trade Show + Exhibition. It was really a lot smaller that I expected. Having never been before, however, my expectations of a Sigraph-scale event may have been a bit ambitious. We got there around noon and perused all the booths, picking up a free doodad here and there. When I passed by the Barnes & Noble table, I thought I saw someone familiar sitting behind it, but I thought “Nah.” But a timely retreat to the table revealed that, yes, it was Mr. Zeldman doing a …

Catching Up.

2 March 2005 • Filed under

The past few weeks have been a whirlwind of activity. WARNING: The following article contains no Textpattern tips, CSS-related discussion or recipes for chocolate cake. Gittin’ Some ADDY® Love Saturday, February 19th marked G2E’s foray into the world of design competition. It was also our first year attending the San Antonio ADDY® Awards, and we did so in style. The limo picked us up and we proceeded to drive 2 blocks to the Convention Center. Actually, the Convention Center is 2 blocks away, but we drove around a bit and took shots at predicting how …

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