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Favorite Designs: Fujica 35-SE

2 February 2022 • Filed under ,

Almost a decade ago now, I got (re)interested in photography and cameras, largely sparked by Instagram. I researched my options and purchased a Fujifilm X100S, which I still own and love to this day. It’s a wonderful camera. I also got the itch to play around with film photography. Film was all there was when I was a kid, and I remember having a few different point-and-shoot film cameras back then. I thought it would be fun to try it out again. I didn’t want to spend a whole lot to get started, and I …


19 July 2005 • Filed under

After no one tossed me a Flickr Pro account during the last round of freebies (ahem), I wondered if it was worth unshackling my wallet to pay for it myself. I’m no avid photographer (yet), and I’m certainly not making any deep social statements through the camera lens. Still, Flickr’s current promotion is hard to argue against, even for a Johnny Snapshot like me. Come on: $24.95 a year? If I skip my stop at the Wendy’s drive thru tonight (smart choice anyway, I might add), that grease-free cash pays …


22 March 2005 • Filed under

I’d like to thank everyone who offered their recommendations and insight into my search for a digital camera. After many hours of research and consideration, I finally chose to purchase the Canon PowerShot A95. And as you can see from the new Flickr section on the home page here, I have been spending some time playing around with all the nifty settings and feautures. This camera meets or exceeds all my criteria and has been a pleasure to work with. The coolest feature by far is the fold-out swiveling LCD viewfinder. I can’t tell you …

Catching the Shutterbug.

7 March 2005 • Filed under

The time has come, my webby friends. I am going to purchase a digital camera. Sadly, I am sort of a dope when it comes to digital photography. I haven’t ever really paid much attention to all the advances in digital camera technology, so I could use some help as I investigate my options. I do, however, know what I want, so here’s what I’m looking for in a camera: Easy point ‘n’ click use. I’m not too keen on adjusting shutter speeds and such, so it would be nice to have …

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