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Felix Or Oscar?

10 April 2006 • Filed under

I’m relatively neat (or so I think), but my workspaces have some clutter around them. At home, for example, I currently have my tax return info on top of my printer. My electric bill is out on my desk. There is a stack of low priority mail on my desk, too, that I need to look at but haven’t. At work, I have few dozen books and pamphlets stacked on a corner of my desk for reference on a current project. I have more books and magazines between bookends. I’d put them on a …

A More Compact Disc Collection

12 January 2006 • Filed under ,

Over the years I have owned various amounts of music. I think I bought my first cassette tape sometime in 1985, and before that I had gathered a small home-brewed collection of stuff copied off my dad’s vinyl. And I’ve always been down with music organization. Even when I was 14 years old with only a dozen or so tapes to my name, I still invested in those little wooden crates which I carefully repainted to my liking. As my cassette collection plateaued and my CD collection grew, I bought various crates, racks and shelves …

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