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My Chemical Romance - The Black Parade

21 September 2022 • Filed under

The Black Parade on Spotify and Apple Music. So I was watching the end credits of a recent episode of The Umbrella Academy and happened to catch the name of its creator. Gerard Way? How do I know that name? A quick Google search later, and I remember: It’s that guy from My Chemical Romance, a band I’d never listened to but somehow still knew its vocalist’s name. Brains are weird. Some people are lucky to be open minded from an early age, but that’s a quality I’ve had to cultivate (thanks, mildly intolerant …

FRITZ - Pastel

24 August 2022 • Filed under

Photo: Charlie Hardy

Pastel on Spotify, Apple Music, and Bandcamp. I started listening to my Discover Weekly playlist on Spotify last year. Some weeks feel like a hard slog, and it’s probably never going to give me back to back bangers, but I’ve found some real gems along the way. FRITZ is one of those happy discoveries. It’s the “dreamy noise-pop” project of Newcastle, Australia’s Tilly Murphy. I love albums that make you feel like you’re inside this self-contained diorama, a small world that someone else has constructed to show you around their life. Pastel is …

Pale Waves - Unwanted

17 August 2022 • Filed under

The Pale Waves kids, 2022. (Photo: Pip)

Unwanted on Spotify and Apple Music. A week ago, I was ready to write off Pale Waves for good. Now I’m not so sure. I fell in love hard with what I’ll call Pale Waves’ “pre-pandemic era”—an EP and album full of lush, shimmering, Cure-adjacent gloom-pop—so following the band’s self-described “pop punk” transformation has been a ride, y’all. It’s fair for anyone who’s significantly invested in a band to be cautious when it goes in a new direction. Even though last year’s Who Am …

Nirvana - Live At The Paramount

10 August 2022 • Filed under ,

Watch on YouTube and Prime Video. Listen on Spotify and Apple Music. It’s Halloween night, and the Paramount Theatre in Seattle is packed to the rafters with roughly 2,800 people. The show’s original headliner, Mudhoney, has been replaced by the opening act: a band named Nirvana. It’s only been a month since their album, Nevermind, was released, but it’s exploded across radio and MTV thanks to the runaway success of the song “Smells Like Teen Spirit”. Ready or not, Nirvana is on an unstoppable trajectory to worldwide fame. These days, Nirvana are pretty much universally …

Regal Lily

20 July 2022 • Filed under

Regal Lily on Spotify and Apple Music. Regal Lily is a 3-piece indie pop-rock band out of Tokyo. They’ve been around since 2014 and have put out 3 EPs and 2 LPs. I’ve listened to all of them, but primarily keep coming back to their latest 2 LPs, 2020’s bedtime story and 2021’s Cとし生けるもの (Google Translate says this means “C and living things” 🤷). I discovered them through their music video for “GOLD TRAIN” on YouTube, which is probably one of the most amazing shoegaze/noise pop songs I’ve ever heard. It’s …

Cattle - Somehow Hear Songs

15 June 2022 • Filed under

Somehow Hear Songs on Spotify and Apple Music. 2015’s Somehow Hear Songs is the debut EP from Tokyo band Cattle. This whole thing is vibrating with the buzzsaw guitar, copious feedback, and swirling ambience that are immediately reminiscent of shoegaze legends like My Bloody Valentine and Ringo Deathstarr. And that’s okay—I don’t mind a good imitation band, especially if they really understand what makes their influences great. All six songs are unskippable, crushing and soothing at every turn, but the two closing track are my favorites. “Blue Star” couches pretty vocals in impregnable wall-of-sound …

Fennel - slow down

18 May 2022 • Filed under

slow down on Spotify and Apple Music. Last year, I stumbled across BAND-MAID, a Japanese rock band. It was another breath of fresh air into the sails of my unfurling musical renaissance, and I really enjoyed watching their live performance videos. I listened to some of their albums, but nothing really grabbed onto me as tightly as those few videos. Intrigued, I’ve kept poking around YouTube for more Japanese bands, and found quite a few that I’ll probably write about. One of those is Regal Lily, whose song “GOLD TRAIN” totally blew me away. Their musical style …

Dear Robert Smith

21 April 2022 • Filed under ,


I was 16 when I discovered The Cure. The church dances I felt obligated to attend as a teenager were torturous. Though I am still plenty introverted as an adult, I was positively reclusive as a teen. There were girls there, and I did like music, so maybe I was more enticed than obligated. At any rate, I wanted to enjoy going to these things, but really didn’t. All I felt was a mountain of anxiety, sitting at the back of the darkest half of the gymnasium. Alone, I listened. The music was usually the same uninspired Top …

Rolo Tomassi - Where Myth Becomes Memory

16 February 2022 • Filed under

Photo: Andy Ford

Don’t sleep on this one. Where Myth Becomes Memory on Spotify, Apple Music, and Bandcamp Rolo Tomassi is a band that’s difficult to describe. Their sound has been ever-evolving—starting out as chaotic, experimental, genre-blending post-hardcore—but continually focusing into something uniquely their own. For the past 7 years, the band has been exploring the tension between tenderness and brutality with a self-described “unintentional trilogy” of albums. The first—2015’s Grievances—mostly thrashes with aggression. 2018’s Time Will Die and Love Will Bury It brightened with the increased juxtaposition of harshness …

Call Me Medici

20 January 2022 • Filed under

I’ve recently started buying music again. Even with all the personal audio and video tools available these days, it’s still strangely easy to equate slick production and visuals with runaway success. That cool new album I just streamed a hundred times, and can’t get enough of? It may have been recorded in a makeshift blanket fort in the keyboard player’s rented flat because that’s all they can afford, and that’s who lives far enough away from trains and traffic to record in peace. That amazing music video I’m watching on …

2021 Music Report

5 January 2022 • Filed under ,

Last year was uneven in so many ways. You would think that being on lockdown for much of the last two years would have resulted in more music consumption than usual, but it turns out I was on track to listen to less music during this pandemic than at any other time over the last 17 years (that’s how long I’ve been tracking my listening activity with I’d blame the unprecedented onslaught of Zoom meetings, but my listening time had already been in slow decline for years; lockdown just accelerated the trend. …

花冷え。(HANABIE。) - “We love sweets”

22 December 2021 • Filed under ,

You're going to think you're ready for this. You're not ready.

Hang on to your wigs and keys. HANABIE. is a four-piece metal band out of Tokyo. They initially formed as a high school music club and have kept kicking around for about 6 years since then, as best as I can tell. I’m not into many metal bands, though I do listen to some artists—like Rolo Tomassi—that mix metal with other styles to give it a more varied, melodic, (occasional) pop sound. I have a love/hate relationship with genres already, and in this case I’m fully out of my depth in describing the genres …

Pale Waves - Who Am I?

8 December 2021 • Filed under

From 80s goth-pop to pop-punk. That's quite a change. (Photo: Jenn Five for NME)

Who Am I? on Spotify and Apple Music. I’ve been sitting on this article for a while now, thinking I wasn’t going to publish anything else about this band, especially after gushing like a teenager about their first album. But here we are. Honestly, there was no chance that this album was going to stack up to the first (2018’s My Mind Makes Noises). Even so, I have very mixed feelings about it. On the one hand, I can’t help but feel a deep sense of disappointment about the band’s total …

The Unofficial Music Video

1 December 2021 • Filed under ,

I can’t count the number of times that I’ve clicked a music video on YouTube, only to discover that it was fan-made, and usually poorly made, but with a deceptively good thumbnail image. It’ll usually be just a photo with music playing underneath, or clips from other music videos spliced together. For some reason, I’ve only recently stumbled into the world of cinematic fan-made videos, each taking scenes from a single film (or serial episode) and putting them together in a way that compliments the music. It makes sense; songs that appear …


17 November 2021 • Filed under

(Photo credit: Softcult)

Content warnings: Abuse, harassment, misogyny, mental health, some strong language. Softcult on Spotify Softcult on Apple Music Wow. What a sound. Softcult is sisters Mercedes and Phoenix Arn-Horn. They’ve been self-recording, producing, and releasing songs consistently throughout this past year, packaging up five of them into April’s Year Of The Rat EP and releasing three more since then, no doubt in anticipation of next year’s scheduled EP, Year Of The Snake. I was instantly hooked by this band’s time-warping brew of 90s shoegaze, alt rock, and dream pop. Their current 8-song …

In The Air

10 November 2021 • Filed under

Years ago, I purchased Boom—an audio enhancement app—for my computers. I mostly listened to music with headphones while I worked, and turning on Boom was a revelation. It made me realize that listening to music straight from my Mac sounded like a hobo shouting through a tin can. The difference was night and day. Recently, I remembered that I had an old Philips shelf unit sitting in a box in another room. It had always sounded really good to me, and I’d intended on connecting it to my Mac, just to see what it would sound like. …

Luli Lee

3 November 2021 • Filed under

Luli Lee on Spotify Luli Lee on Apple Music YouTube continues to be my primary source of musical discovery, giving me the good stuff that Spotify and can’t seem to match. Everything seems to be coming up Korean these days, with shows—like the breakout Squid Game—and movies all over Netflix, and K-pop groups like BTS and Blackpink getting a lot of attention in the United States. I’ve also recently run across an unexpectedly vibrant K-Indie music scene and I am here for it. Luli Lee is the first artist I ran across, …

CHVRCHES - Screen Violence

28 October 2021 • Filed under

Lauren. Wake up.

I rate this album 5 out of 5 gravestones. Screen Violence on Spotify Screen Violence on Apple Music Back in September—before I got emotionally sucker punched by Pale Waves’ My Mind Makes Noises —I was regularly listening to CHVRCHES’ Screen Violence. This is the band’s 4th album, and though it’s still new and it’s only natural to be excited by that, I think I’ll go out on a limb and say that it’s my favorite of the bunch. It’s already been 8 years (!) since the bright synths, dark beats, and fantastic eye makeup …

BAND-MAID - “onset”

21 October 2021 • Filed under ,

Yes, it's a band of maids.

Photosensitivity warningThis video contains flashing lights that could trigger seizures for people with visual sensitivities. YouTube is wild. I’ve been watching it a lot during this whole COVID ordeal, and discovered some really great stuff thanks to all the different ways it suggests other content. I like a good metal jam, so the ‘Tube offered me this video. I’m sorry, what? Are those Japanese girls dressed in maid outfits? Is that why the band is named “BAND-MAID”? It it really that simple? Yep, it’s that simple. Is it gimmicky? Yeah, for sure. Did …

Pale Waves - My Mind Makes Noises

14 October 2021 • Filed under ,

Pale Waves in Dork magazine, 2018. Yes, the magazine is called Dork. I know.

My Mind Makes Noises on Spotify and Apple Music Music is one of those things that has always given me consistent & reliable feels. The best music connects in a way that’s hard to describe, moving deep in the soul as it effortlessly evokes euphoria, heartbreak, intensity, comfort, new emotions, familiar feelings, and everything in-between. The most meaningful music will be many of those things—and more—with personal growth and the passage of time. All of that accurately describes what it’s been like listening to Pale Waves’ debut album, 2018’s My Mind …

Musical Notes, 2018

5 February 2019 • Filed under ,

2018 was an unexpectedly exciting year for me, musically. The most interesting part is how impactful these discoveries were, and how serendipitously they came into my life. Andrew W.K. You’re Not Alone on Spotify You’re Not Alone on Apple Music The year was already pretty rough thanks to a certain Cheeto-colored man-child and his tornado of deplorables, but some personal stuff also went down during the spring & summer that was especially difficult. That’s undoubtedly the reason why Andrew W.K.‘s latest album You’re Not Alone resonated so …

Loving: Metric, Imogen Heap, Lovelikefire, The Big Pink and good grief man this is ridiculous you need to blog more often.

24 September 2009 • Filed under

I haven’t blogged for a while. That’s because I’ve been field-testing the following jams for listenability. For you. Because I got your back like that. I’m like the USDA, but for music. Or something. Metric – Fantasies I’m not crazy about the album title (it makes me think of Mariah Carey for some reason, and friends: that’s not right), but holy woah do Metric bring the rock on this, their 4th album. These kids know how to write the hooks, you know? “Sick Muse” may be my …

Loving: LoveLikeFire

12 September 2008 • Filed under

This entry is long overdue, as it has been well over a year since I stumbled across this band. And what with them playing next week in Dallas at The Prophet Bar, they’re sorta on my mind. Not that I would write a blog post with the hopes that the band might read it and invite me backstage or anything. Psssh. (I’ll be the really tall guy with the cute redhead at his side, guys — just signal me when you want us to come backstage.) I’ve been impressed with LoveLikeFire since the very …

Loving: The Submarines - Honeysuckle Weeks

15 June 2008 • Filed under

I don’t know why this album isn’t getting more buzz across the ol’ internets, because it is pretty much the epitome of a joyous summer album. Blake & John are back with their second full-length record, full of retro 60’s sounds, delicious melodies and the world’s most unsung musical instrument: the tambourine. Viva la tambourine. Viva Honeysuckle Weeks.


15 May 2008 • Filed under ,

In the 1980’s and 90’s, no self-respecting music fan of the indie persuasion could be found without at least one CD from UK record label 4AD. The label’s music catalog holds some fantastic, acclaimed music which profoundly shaped my musical leanings. Graphic artist Vaughn Oliver gave the label’s releases a distinct style that is often imitated but never quite duplicated. His covers for Lush, The Pixies, Throwing Muses, The Breeders and more rank among my favorite album covers. So imagine my delight upon stumbling across Fedge’s 4AD – The …

Loving: The Duke Spirit - Neptune

19 February 2008 • Filed under

The last time I heard anything by The Duke Spirit, I recall thinking, “Hey, some of this scrappy garage rock is pretty good” before bookmarking their site and forgetting about them. In the last week, I haven’t been able to stop listening to the new material. Neptune rides a watery, seafaring meme that is soaked in everything from watery 60’s grooves to churning guitar rock. I imagine that if you’re a disciple of 90’s alt rock like me, you’ll be all over this album like seaweed on a California Roll. …

Loving: Minipop - A New Hope

30 November 2007 • Filed under

I first wrote about Minipop over a year and a half ago after discovering their excellent EP, Precious. Now the band has officially released their first full-length album, A New Hope (Star Wars reference?). The album was actually self-released months ago, but has now found a new life via label Take Root. A few re-recorded Precious songs join a cache of new, buttery-smooth dream pop songs. “Like I Do” is pretty much pop perfection. There’s a real innocence and purity that comes out of this band. A total lack of pretense. Music for all …


9 October 2007 • Filed under

I hope this doesn’t come off as overly schmaltzy, but I was reading Ian Roger’s excellent article about the state of music on the web and ran across this comment by a fellow named Glen: […] Music was not made to make money, real music was and is made to help people express themselves, in a context that others can relate to. […] they [record labels] need to rememer how to make good recordings and package them in a way that makes them interesting, fun, informative and make the listener feel like they’re a …

Loving: Tegan and Sara - The Con

3 September 2007 • Filed under

It’s no secret that I’m nuts about Tegan & Sara. The sisters’ 2004 release, So Jealous, was one of my favorite albums of the year. The record’s retro-tinged pop stylings were so sticky that I literally left the CD in my car stereo for months. So it was not without a certain set of expectations that I patiently awaited the release of The Con. Much like Veruca Salt’s Louise Post and Nina Gordon, Tegan and Sara each penned their own songs and then came together to record them. On the boards …

Loving: 11:11 - Maria Taylor

9 June 2007 • Filed under

First, big ups to the dudes at Virb for introducing me to the music of Maria Taylor. Formerly of the duo Azure Ray, Taylor has now struck out on her own, making music on her own and contributing to music by Bright Eyes and The Faint (among others). In fact, if you’ve seen Bright Eyes’ latest video for the song “Four Winds”, you’ve already met Maria (she’d be the one playing the drums). While Lynn Teeter Flower is actually Maria’s new release, it was her debut solo album, 11:11, that hit …

Loving: 23 - Blonde Redhead

7 April 2007 • Filed under

Blonde Redhead is one of those bands that has existed in my peripheral musical vision for a while. I even remember downloading & listening to several tracks at some point, but it must not have been love at first sight because those downloads are nowhere to be found. All that may change with the band’s upcoming album, 23. If this title track is any indication, 23 combines what I love most about Asobi Seksu, My Bloody Valentine & Curve: dreamy vocals, symphonic guitars and zesty melodies. Man, I should be writing for Spin or something.

Loving: Upside Down - Damesviolet

29 March 2007 • Filed under

About five years ago, Jessica and I were just starting to date and looking for something fun to do one evening. We figured we’d look through the local paper to see if we could find any good live music, and randomly picked a band called Blue October. I’d heard of them before, and figured it would probably be an okay show. You may have your own opinions, but Blue October turned out to be a dud. But the opening act, a relatively new band from Austin called Damesviolet, really made an impression on us. From then …

Loving: Clear The Area (Live) - Imogen Heap

31 January 2007 • Filed under

With her European tour in full swing, I thought now would be a good time to offer up a live studio version of a great Imogen song. “Clear the Area” is one of the more impressive songs I’ve heard live, stripped down and sparingly acompanied by a wonderfully warm, plucky instrument called an umbira.

Loving: The Cutters

27 September 2006 • Filed under

This band is actually nothing new to me (I came across them a few years ago), but I have been meaning to mention this band again since discovering that their entire two-album catalog is available for free download. You can’t beat that. You also can’t buy the albums anymore (unless they’re used). The Cutters are (or were; it’s unclear whether or not the band is actually still “together”) a four-piece out of Arcata, California who mix smart pop/punk music with endearing lyrics. Think of bands like the Breeders, Elastica, …

Loving: Carnavas - Silversun Pickups

21 August 2006 • Filed under

I gotta shoot straight with ya: the first time I heard Silversun Pickups, I wasn’t really impressed. I liked “Kissing Families,” but overall the music of the Pickups’ EP, Pikul, just didn’t grab my attention. All that has changed with Carnavas. The band has effectively created a humble yet sticky sound, full of classic-rock riffs, weird distortion and hummable melodies. I check out a lot of new music, and this CD is the first in a long while that has pleased me to any great extent. It’s not ostentacious by any means, but …

Loving: The Pieces/Heidi Gluck

11 August 2006 • Filed under

I recently picked up the latest Some Girls album, Crushing Love. While I’m only about a week into listening to it, I’m not really impressed with it as a whole. The one song that did catch my ears the first time through was a tune penned and sung by Heidi Gluck. That, paired with 3hive’s recent discovery of some of her solo work, brought me back to The Pieces, a band that Heidi joined back in 2001 with Vess Ruhtenberg and Devon Ashley. Unfortunately, The Pieces are no longer together. Their website has also …

Loving: Kiss Them For Me - Siouxsie and the Banshees

30 July 2006 • Filed under

The path to this song went a little something like this: Read nostalgic post on Public Realm Watch time-warping Throwing Muses video on YouTube Watch another video on YouTube, this time some classic Lush And another video, now from Tanya Donelly’s solo work YouTube shows me related videos! Yay! It’s Belly playing a Hendrix cover! It’s like a time machine! How further back can I go? Tanya was a founding member of The Breeders. Ooooh, let’s check out that awesome Cannonball video! The video nostalgia-fest continues (I’m abbreviating …

Loving: Raw - Scanners

19 July 2006 • Filed under

I’ve got Jax at Rock Insider to thank for this discovery. Scanners are a four-piece from London who have toured with the likes of The Organ, The Bravery and (shudder) Juliette Lewis and The Licks. There are only a few tracks floating around, plus the 30-secondish clips on their website, but they sound pretty good overall. This track “Raw” is killer, though. Very high energy synth punk. Hope you enjoy! Listen: Scanners – Raw Buy Violence Is Golden on Blue Collar Distro or Amazon. Extras: Listen to Lowlife

Loving: Tongue-Tied - The Hong Kong

15 June 2006 • Filed under

I ran across The Hong Kong about a year and a half ago via the great Jasper Coolidge’s band photography/show review site. The band has a charmingly lo-fi retro sound that reminds me of bands like Blondie and The Cars. Sort of noisy, fuzzy, quirky and cute. Their EP, Rock The Faces, came out in 2003 and they haven’t released anything since then. Well, until recently. Two new tracks are up for download now and I’m picking “Tongue-Tied” to post up here. It’s quite a ripping little tune that …

Loving: New Years - Asobi Seksu

13 June 2006 • Filed under

Asobi Seksu is a 4-piece band from New York that fits nicely into one of my favorite rock niches: shoegazey pop rock. I loves me some crunchy guitars, floating vocals and bashing drums — all of which Asobi delivers in spades. I’ve only become aware of this band recently so I’ll borrow this snippet from their bio and leave it at that: Asobi Seksu have always been masters at creating musical textures; gauzy, cloudy dreamscapes for their slower songs and squalls of guitar and daisy-chained effect pedals for their barnstormers. What truly distinguishes Citrus, …

Loving: Sleep - Tree Wave

23 May 2006 • Filed under

This reblogged topic comes to you courtesy of gorillavsbear. Chris makes some really interesting finds, and Tree Wave is no exception. Hailing from my current home of Dallas, TX, Tree Wave are Paul Slocum and Lauren Grey. Using an “obsolete 70’s and 80’s computer and videogame gear, accompanied by female vocals,” Tree Wave make surprisingly good music. Paul, who incidentally is the creator of the Atari 2600 Synthcart, Testcart, and Homestar Runner RPG, programs the music on an Atari 2600, Commodore 64, Compaq 286, and an Epson dot matrix printer. Lauren sings. Their CD is on …

Loving: LDN - Lily Allen

16 May 2006 • Filed under

Update for all you people searching for song lyrics: they’re on her website. Enjoy. At the risk of being labeled “the guy who listens to nothing but chick singers,” here’s another “chick singer.” Hey, it’s not my fault that the more interesting music these days is being made by women. Okay, besides Sufjan and DCFC. I just namedropped 2 dude singers. Happy, Ryan? ;) The music blogosphere has been all abuzz with adulations over Lily’s music, so I feel a bit like I’m reporting that that water is wet. Duh. “LDN” …

Imogen Heap @ Lakewood Theater, Dallas TX

11 May 2006 • Filed under ,

I think I can sum up Imogen’s performance with the use of a simple infographic: Mind-blowing. I could leave it at that, but I won’t. The Lakewood Theater was originally a movie theater built in 1938, and has now become a multipurpose entertainment space. It’s furnished in art deco style, and much of it is in its original condition. There was ample seating (which was a nice change from standing), and the theater’s retro, “from-another-time” feel seemed fitting for the artists about to perform that night. Imogen first came …

Loving: Skinny Boy - Amy Millan

3 May 2006 • Filed under

Amy Millan is best known as the smoldering girl voice behind the boy/girl vocals of Stars. “Skinny Boy” is the sneak-peek track from her upcoming solo recording, set to be released in Canada on May 30th. If you ask me, “Skinny Boy” is a song that would sound quite at home on a Stars record, though Amy has expressed that these are mostly songs she wrote seven or more years ago — before she even joined Stars — and that they sound nothing like Stars. I haven’t heard but one other song from the album, and …

Loving: Declare A New State! - The Submarines

26 April 2006 • Filed under

I’ve got Jon to thank for this gem, though it seems that he (and, subsequently, I) have other unknown or unremembered sources to thank as well. So thank-you’s all around, mmmkay? The Submarines are John Dragonetti & Blake Hazard, and Declare A New State! is a collection of songs that they each wrote to each other while being apart. Sweet, huh? There is a purity and simplicity to these songs that is just mesmerizing. It is intimate and light, dark, sad and beautiful. Every now and again Blake’s voice channels Lisa Loeb. And …

Loving: To Where You Are - The High Violets

22 April 2006 • Filed under

First things first: welcome to the next generation of “Loving.” Thanks to some online storage space, an insane desire to share music, and the blessing of some of my favorite artists, “Loving…” will now include MP3s! I’m no expert, but I believe this next step qualifies it as a “podcast” of sorts. Files will remain online for about a month after publishing unless I get such an overwhelming response as to move me to purchase additional storage space. Sound good? Then let’s continue! The High Violets hail from my birth state of Oregon, the lovely …

Loving: Precious, Minipop

28 March 2006 • Filed under

Precious Minipop Update below! Let’s be honest: even with all the music-discovery assistance we have access to here on the ol’ interweb, it still feels like we end up trudging through a decent amount of fair, mediocre or downright awful music before we eventually find something that really resonates within us that creates a fan. Or maybe that’s just me being characteristically difficult and picky? At any rate, it’s refreshing when a band reels you in at first listen, and Minipop is one of those bands. As of this writing, I am still …

Metric at the Gypsy Ballroom, Dallas, TX.

16 March 2006 • Filed under ,

Sweet. Holy. Immaculate. Mother. Of. Rock. And. Roll. Hotness. Are you following me here, people? Do you see where this is going? For the last two years I’ve been blown away by Metric. It’s been one of those bands that has stood the test of time, that hasn’t become boring. It was great to meet Elise Nordling at SXSW this year, because it’s really thanks to her and Soma FM that I’ve even had this music on my radar. I even mentioned that fact to her. That’s what …

Loving: Come Clean, Curve

9 February 2006 • Filed under

Come Clean Curve Come Clean isn’t a new release, but beloved music need not be new, does it? Curve was the collaborative effort of British musicians Toni Halliday and Dean Garcia. Note the past tense in the last sentence; Curve “officially” disbanded in early 2005, though they have been known to have broken up in the past only to return again. Come Clean is the only Curve album I’ve heard, and I gave it a shot due to its comparisons to Garbage, one of my favorite bands. It is true that Toni Halliday’s decidedly …

Loving: Are You Thinking What I'm Thinking?, The Like

31 January 2006 • Filed under

Are You Thinking What I’m Thinking? The Like I have to admit that I purposefully sidestepped listening to The Like when they first hit my radar. That’s because I saw their picture, and they look like they might not even have drivers’ licenses. I could almost hear the sonic train wreck as I imagined yet another bunch of cringe-rockers like The Veronicas, Lillix, Fefe Dobson, and that girl who sung the “Billy Shakespeare” song. My bad, because The Like could not be further from the aforementioned spazzy, insincere poseur-rock. Vocalist Z. Berg has a …

Hair Nation.

19 January 2006 • Filed under ,

Since my car is currently in the shop getting a nip and a tuck, I have a rental car. And that rental car has a product of the modern world that I have nary encountered: Sirius satellite radio. Satellite radio has more “stations” that the entire AM/FM band combined, so it’s been fun exploring various stations on my travel time to and from work. This morning I ventured 2 stations down from my current fave, Left of Center, and had my entire early teenage years slapped back in my face. “Seventeen” by Winger …

A More Compact Disc Collection

12 January 2006 • Filed under ,

Over the years I have owned various amounts of music. I think I bought my first cassette tape sometime in 1985, and before that I had gathered a small home-brewed collection of stuff copied off my dad’s vinyl. And I’ve always been down with music organization. Even when I was 14 years old with only a dozen or so tapes to my name, I still invested in those little wooden crates which I carefully repainted to my liking. As my cassette collection plateaued and my CD collection grew, I bought various crates, racks and shelves …

Loving - 50 Foot Wave

9 January 2006 • Filed under

Free Music EP 50 Foot Wave I can’t believe I fell asleep on this one. It’s bad enough that I didn’t mention this band in my Year in Hyperlinks, but completely missing a free internet-only release? Shame on me! Golden Ocean was one of 2005’s best rock records, and now 50 Foot Wave are following that album up with a free EP. Yes, free. The aptly titled Free Music EP is available for download in both FLAC and MP3 formats and inlcudes cover art, lyrics sheet, album info, and band pictures. …

Loving: Stars

2 December 2005 • Filed under

I was listening one evening, as I sometimes do, to’s music player, exploring the feature that feeds your ears music based on bands you already know and love. My Similar Artist Radio entry for Metric was returning some familiar band names; Montreal faves Broken Social Scene, Feist, and Stars — to name a few. I’d probably heard Stars before. I get around. But this time, as the rich layers of “Ageless Beauty” rolled through cyberspace guided by the heavenly pipes of Amy Milan, I heard something new. Sometimes it just takes the right song …

Metric at the Gypsy Tea Room, Dallas, TX.

12 November 2005 • Filed under ,

It is becoming a well-known fact across the indie rock scene that Metric simply rock, and are not a band to be missed live. Last year’s show at The Parish was so unbelievably fierce, and made such an impression, that I knew this year’s tour stop was going to be a hard sell. We missed The Lovely Feathers entirely and only caught the tail end of Death of a Party ‘s set because we were late and rushing down to Deep Ellum from another concert. No, no. Before you think us too cool, it was …

I Heart Compact Discs.

31 October 2005 • Filed under

It seems that, lately, the topic of jettisoning one’s physical music collection in favor of a digital library has crossed my path in a more conspicuous manner. First, I read a post by someone I don’t know on a website I can’t remember (how’s that for shoddy documentation?). This individual was selling his entire collection and switching to a digital music format. Then Randy chimed into my blogspace, entertaining notions of doing the same. A little late to the party, I stumbled upon Todd Dominey’s determined effort to go almost …

Loving: Speak For Yourself, Imogen Heap

24 October 2005 • Filed under

Speak For Yourself Imogen Heap Imogen Heap has a voice from another world and a musical soul to match. As half of the electro-pop duo Frou Frou, Imogen gained some exposure when the band’s song “Let Go” from the album Details was included on the Garden State soundtrack and featured in the movie’s closing credits. Speak For Yourself is Imogen’s second album. Recorded over the space of a year on her own dime, the album drawns from the same musical gene pool that makes Frou Frou soar. Heap has an incredible knack for …

Loving: Live It Out, Metric

26 September 2005 • Filed under

Live It Out Metric Live It Out is the second proper release from multinational band Metric. 2003’s Old World Underground, Where Are You Now? gathered a loyal fanbase with it’s punchy synth-rock, decidedly anti-war agenda and the band’s energetic performances. Though not as frenetic and immediately sing-along as Old World Underground, Live It Out is definitely not to be discounted as a sophomore slumper. It’s attraction is in the slow burn of the sonic buildup. Opener “Empty” sets a peaceful tone, Jimmy Shaw’s guitar carefully picking out …

Loving: Black Box, Dynasty

23 August 2005 • Filed under

Black Box Dynasty Dynasty is a two-piece band out of New York. Seth Misterka and Jennifer Deveau blend a variety of musical genres into their own unfettered brand of art-rock. From retro electronic beats to wailing guitar, Dynasty embrace a variety of instruments and styles while somehow keeping it all stitched together.

Loving: Made in China, Juliana Hatfield

22 August 2005 • Filed under

Made In China Juliana Hatfield Juliana Hatfield’s latest album makes a much-anticipated stop in Rock-n-roll-ville, delivering freight cars full of loud, visceral, punk, fragile, berating, guitar-punishing music. Lovely.

Eisley at The Gypsy Ballroom, Dallas, TX.

8 July 2005 • Filed under ,

I just love live music. Factoring in both the responsibilities of maintaining a career and the narrowing scope of live bands I care to hear, it has been a while since I’ve gone to a show. There’s a certain pervasive excitement in the experience surrounding live music; the standing in line with other fans, the watching and waiting during soundchecks, and — yes — even the pushing and pulling of a sea of people. So it was with some excitement that I happened upon a concert listing for Eisley, the talented little band from Tyler, Texas. …

Do The Hustle

17 May 2005 • Filed under

I have been vaguely aware of this whole ‘musical baton’ tomfoolery that has been going around and now that I have been passed the proverbial baton by both Jeff ‘Jam Master’ Croft and Shaun ’.com/poser’ Inman, I am now much obliged to participate. Total volume of music on my computer: circa 2GB. Is that not a lot? I guess I’m still fairly “old school,” preferring the spin of a CD to the bitrate of MP3s. The last CD I bought was: Weezer, Make Believe Song playing right now: None, …

The Cure.

24 November 2004 • Filed under

Rhino Records is currently streaming selections from the upcoming Cure release, Three Imaginary Boys. While the original 1979 release of Three Imaginary Boys was a bit before my musically-conscious life (I was, um, 7 years old), the decade-later release Disintegration was undoubtedly my musical epiphany. Then a pitifully unwise 16 years old, I had been polluting my ears for years with the idiotic strains of Bon Jovi, Europe, Cinderella, and a smattering of similar crap-rock bands. I think my only redeeming cassette tape (yes, I said cassette tape) may have been Run DMC’s Raising Hell. …

The Honor System.

19 November 2004 • Filed under

Anyone who knows me is familiar with my longstanding appreciation for the music of Juliana Hatfield. I truly believe that she is one of my generation’s most talented musicians, living on the fringes of self-imposed obscurity. Allow me to tell you a story, and then I’ll get to the point. Juliana hasn’t always been an obscure rock figure. In 1993, Hatfield exploded into popularity with her sophomore album, Become What You Are. With a track on that album making its way onto the successful Reality Bites movie soundtrack, Juliana was quickly becoming an …

Some Quality Recommendations From Me To You.

7 July 2004 • Filed under ,

Some awesome entertainment-related items have come to my attention that you may be interested in learning about: The Terminal. A movie starring Tom Hanks as Viktor Navorski, a Krakosian man who finds flys to New York City only to learn upon arrival that, during his flight, a bloody coup has erupted in his homeland. With his Visa and passport unrecognized by the United States, Viktor is restricted to the International Transit Lounge until his situation is sorted out. What Viktor does with his time at the terminal is nothing short of inspirational and wonderful. This is by far one …

Juliana Hatfield at Stubb's BBQ, Austin, TX.

30 June 2004 • Filed under ,

At long last, Jessica and I attended our very first Juliana Hatfield show last night. Stubb’s BBQ in Austin is kind of a small venue, but I suppose I prefer it that way. There’s a kind of intimacy there that you don’t find just anywhere. The lack of a backstage area meant that we saw Juliana making her way through the crowd several times before the show. There was a merch table set up out on the patio, and while I held on to our spot next to the stage, Jessica headed over to …

It's A Great Time To Be Alive.

27 June 2004 • Filed under ,

Life is grand. You know, I just learned the other day that Creed broke up. Man, that’s awesome. The official press release on their website is replete with vagueness and offers no reason for the breakup. I think we can all surmise that The Drummer and The Guitarist got sick of The Stapp’s rockstar posturing and longstanding infection with Lead Singer’s Syndrome and had to kill the band before it got seriously weird. The Summer of Music is underway! It began a few weeks ago with the Damesviolet show at Crabby Jack’s. …

Crave The Wave.

30 April 2004 • Filed under

It’s been a while, folks. While I’d like to say that my absence from the Land Of Blog has been because of an increase in benevolent charity work, that is not the case. No, I’ve been very busy with work, Call of Duty, and the visual redesign of this website. On the work front, we are busy. Tons of work, and new work coming in all the time. It’s a very good thing. On the Call of Duty front, I am enjoying myself immensely. Of all the FPS games I’ve …


22 September 2003 • Filed under ,

Meeting your heroes is a surreal experience. Jessica and I traveled to Chicago this past weekend to see Some Girls at the historic Double Door. We arrived at noon, with plenty of time before the show to see the sights of the Windy City before heading down to the concert venue. Unfortunately, I had become sick with a lovely head cold just two days earlier and found that my strength was wavering. Still, I was determined to not let sickness spoil a weekend that I had been looking forward to for (literally) years. After checking into our hotel, we took …

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