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Nirvana - Live At The Paramount

10 August 2022 • Filed under ,

Watch on YouTube and Prime Video. Listen on Spotify and Apple Music. It’s Halloween night, and the Paramount Theatre in Seattle is packed to the rafters with roughly 2,800 people. The show’s original headliner, Mudhoney, has been replaced by the opening act: a band named Nirvana. It’s only been a month since their album, Nevermind, was released, but it’s exploded across radio and MTV thanks to the runaway success of the song “Smells Like Teen Spirit”. Ready or not, Nirvana is on an unstoppable trajectory to worldwide fame. These days, Nirvana are pretty much universally …

Imogen Heap @ Lakewood Theater, Dallas TX

11 May 2006 • Filed under ,

I think I can sum up Imogen’s performance with the use of a simple infographic: Mind-blowing. I could leave it at that, but I won’t. The Lakewood Theater was originally a movie theater built in 1938, and has now become a multipurpose entertainment space. It’s furnished in art deco style, and much of it is in its original condition. There was ample seating (which was a nice change from standing), and the theater’s retro, “from-another-time” feel seemed fitting for the artists about to perform that night. Imogen first came …

Metric at the Gypsy Ballroom, Dallas, TX.

16 March 2006 • Filed under ,

Sweet. Holy. Immaculate. Mother. Of. Rock. And. Roll. Hotness. Are you following me here, people? Do you see where this is going? For the last two years I’ve been blown away by Metric. It’s been one of those bands that has stood the test of time, that hasn’t become boring. It was great to meet Elise Nordling at SXSW this year, because it’s really thanks to her and Soma FM that I’ve even had this music on my radar. I even mentioned that fact to her. That’s what …

Metric at the Gypsy Tea Room, Dallas, TX.

12 November 2005 • Filed under ,

It is becoming a well-known fact across the indie rock scene that Metric simply rock, and are not a band to be missed live. Last year’s show at The Parish was so unbelievably fierce, and made such an impression, that I knew this year’s tour stop was going to be a hard sell. We missed The Lovely Feathers entirely and only caught the tail end of Death of a Party ‘s set because we were late and rushing down to Deep Ellum from another concert. No, no. Before you think us too cool, it was …

Eisley at The Gypsy Ballroom, Dallas, TX.

8 July 2005 • Filed under ,

I just love live music. Factoring in both the responsibilities of maintaining a career and the narrowing scope of live bands I care to hear, it has been a while since I’ve gone to a show. There’s a certain pervasive excitement in the experience surrounding live music; the standing in line with other fans, the watching and waiting during soundchecks, and — yes — even the pushing and pulling of a sea of people. So it was with some excitement that I happened upon a concert listing for Eisley, the talented little band from Tyler, Texas. …

Juliana Hatfield at Stubb's BBQ, Austin, TX.

30 June 2004 • Filed under ,

At long last, Jessica and I attended our very first Juliana Hatfield show last night. Stubb’s BBQ in Austin is kind of a small venue, but I suppose I prefer it that way. There’s a kind of intimacy there that you don’t find just anywhere. The lack of a backstage area meant that we saw Juliana making her way through the crowd several times before the show. There was a merch table set up out on the patio, and while I held on to our spot next to the stage, Jessica headed over to …

It's A Great Time To Be Alive.

27 June 2004 • Filed under ,

Life is grand. You know, I just learned the other day that Creed broke up. Man, that’s awesome. The official press release on their website is replete with vagueness and offers no reason for the breakup. I think we can all surmise that The Drummer and The Guitarist got sick of The Stapp’s rockstar posturing and longstanding infection with Lead Singer’s Syndrome and had to kill the band before it got seriously weird. The Summer of Music is underway! It began a few weeks ago with the Damesviolet show at Crabby Jack’s. …


22 September 2003 • Filed under ,

Meeting your heroes is a surreal experience. Jessica and I traveled to Chicago this past weekend to see Some Girls at the historic Double Door. We arrived at noon, with plenty of time before the show to see the sights of the Windy City before heading down to the concert venue. Unfortunately, I had become sick with a lovely head cold just two days earlier and found that my strength was wavering. Still, I was determined to not let sickness spoil a weekend that I had been looking forward to for (literally) years. After checking into our hotel, we took …

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