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Call of Duty 2: My Review

22 November 2005 • Filed under ,

I love WW2 FPS games. I started off with Medal Of Honor: Allied Assault years ago, and was blown away when Call Of Duty was released. Visually and technically, it was leaps and bounds beyond the competition. Have times changed? With the gifting season upon us, I review what I like and dislike about the newest addition to the Call of Duty lineup.

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Winter Wonderland.

27 December 2004 • Filed under ,

I am happy to report that another lovely Christmas was had by all at the Christensen bungalow this year, full of gifting, eating, movie- viewing and even more eating.

Jessica and I surprised each other this year by exchanging gifts that we never thought the other would willingly give. For my part, I gave Jessica the Pride and Prejudice DVD boxed set. It is a film that I know she enjoys immensely. She’s been hinting at it for months, but never thought I’d get her because of my well-publicized dislike of the genre. But I knew she would love it, and that’s really the whole point of giving on Christmas. Likewise, Jessica gave me an unexpected gift: the Call of Duty expansion pack, United Offensive. My zeal for video games has, in the past, taken away time that Jessica would have liked to spend with me. But she knew I would love the game, and that’s the whole point of giving. And I promise to go easy on the all-day gaming marathons in the future.

And so it was that Christmas morning became a mishmash of proper English voices navigating the ins and outs of Victorian love in the living room and the sound of grunts shouting over the din of machine gun and mortar fire in the bedroom. Heaven.

I only got through the first two missions in the short time I got to play on Christmas morning — even fighting on the “Greenhorn” difficulty level (go ahead, laugh). It’s a lot of fun though; the new missions are very immersive and challenging. Sometimes it’s hard to get your bearings, which is both disorienting and quite realistic. The multiplayer games are improved as well, with new sound effects, weaponry and gametypes.

Mom & Dad came over later in the afternoon for Jessica’s delicious turkey dinner with all the fixins and after-dinner entertainment a la The Fugitive (for the men) and Pride and Prejudice, Pt. 2 (for the ladies). Jessica and I topped off the night with a late viewing of Back to the Future, which brought back some hilarious memories of the 80’s for me.

So what did Santa bring you this year?

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