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Call of Duty 2: My Review

22 November 2005 • Filed under ,

I love WW2 FPS games. I started off with Medal Of Honor: Allied Assault years ago, and was blown away when Call Of Duty was released. Visually and technically, it was leaps and bounds beyond the competition. Have times changed? With the gifting season upon us, I review what I like and dislike about the newest addition to the Call of Duty lineup. Single Player Though I haven’t finished the missions, Single Player mode seems to be very well done. There are new weapons, objectives, and theatres of combat. The graphics are amazing! Those who have played the …

Winter Wonderland.

27 December 2004 • Filed under ,

I am happy to report that another lovely Christmas was had by all at the Christensen bungalow this year, full of gifting, eating, movie- viewing and even more eating. Jessica and I surprised each other this year by exchanging gifts that we never thought the other would willingly give. For my part, I gave Jessica the Pride and Prejudice DVD boxed set. It is a film that I know she enjoys immensely. She’s been hinting at it for months, but never thought I’d get her because of my well-publicized dislike of the genre. But I …

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