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I, Phone.

22 January 2007 • Filed under ,

I don’t mean to add fat to the already saturated iPhone discussion, but a snippet from a recent Pathfinder article got me thinking about the real “innovation” that the iPhone is bringing to the table: Why does this phone elicit responses like Alice’s […]? Which I fully admit I shared as all the Mac addicts read the real time blogs from Macworld while Jobs was unveiling it. Oh yeah, it is cool! But what it makes such a big splash is a study in contrasts, and how the competition failed to develop and market something that …

Great Design Is In The Details.

28 December 2006 • Filed under

Jessica and I spent a few hours at IKEA over the holidays, just soaking up all that Swedish design and picking out a few items for the home. One of the products we bought was a set of Trofe mugs. The stackable nature of the mugs is what sealed the deal for us, but the truly happy surprise came when I began unloading them from the dishwasher. No pool of water in the base of the mug! The mug itself is beautiful in its simplicity (though nothing especially stunning or gorgeous), and the stacking ability is certainly nice, but I …

Walmart's Newest Store Goes for Style.

29 March 2006 • Filed under

A different kind of Walmart opened up recently here in Plano, Texas. Sporting a new, upscale look, this pilot store appears to be positioning itself to compete with the likes of Target. And, um… Super Target. While I’d like to do nothing more than hate everything about Walmart and curse the land it is built on, I was pleasantly surprised as I walked into this particular store. Instead of my usual knee-jerk impulse to run screaming for the door and assume the fetal position, I actually found myself kinda smiling. Yeah, that’s right. Walmart …

Now That's What I Call Customer Service!

28 June 2005 • Filed under

I’ve complained about bad customer service in the past, so it’s always refreshing to be the recipient of great customer service. I’ve been a customer of CD Baby for many years as they are a cost-effective outlet for some of my favorite bands. My recent purchase of the full-length 50 Foot Wave album produced this email notice in my inbox. I chuckle every time I get it because not only does it tell me that my order shipped (the day after I ordered, in fact) but it tells me with style: Jared &#…

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