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27 January 2016 • Filed under ,

We in the UX business have all heard of dark patterns. These are interfaces designed to trick the user into doing something they probably do not want to do. I’ve noticed a rise in another pattern recently, more subversive than malicious: something I like to call “jerk patterns”. Jerk patterns don’t hide their consequences, but seek to manipulate people on a more emotional level. I think this pattern has been around for a while. In fact, just today I encountered what I would consider one of these patterns as I signed out of my …

500XL Speakers from Fred: A Review for Your Reading Pleasure

26 August 2008 • Filed under

I’ve been eyeballing these speakers ever since they hit the Fred website, so when Patrick Haney pointed me towards a store that was actually selling them, I had to buy. Like, immediately. And they arrived today! Style With a few minor discrepancies, probably due to manufacturing and assembly needs, the 500XLs faithfully duplicate the original iPod earbud design — just scaled up 500 times. They look really cool. As soon as I unpacked them, I had a small audience around my desk putting the giant earbuds up to their ears and such. The scaling up of such a …

The Making of a Lovable Mascot.

25 September 2006 • Filed under ,

Resembles perfect cube of poop? Check. Represents edible food in spite of poop-like properties? Check. Communicates with creepy giggles and hugs? Check. Leaves messy brown smears on all who touch him? Check. Interactive site is made available en español so that El Blocko de Poopo can be enjoyed by all Americanos? Check.

Longstanding iTunes Deficiencies.

23 September 2005 • Filed under ,

While it’s still cool to poke at Apple a little bit, let me address two issues that I believe have been serious oversights on the part of Apple’s iTunes. Oh, I know there are a lot of complaints (gapless playback, anyone?) but these two items are at the core of music navigation, and it seems that after 5 versions of iTunes these issues could have been resolved. Artist Order: What, You’re Too Good for Surnames? I am notoriously anal in the organization of my physical CDs. I organized my collection the way a music …

Commerical, Hijacked.

25 November 2004 • Filed under

So have you seen the new Netzero TV spot? My jaw just about hit the floor when I saw it last night. You’ve seen the AOL ad, right? A secretary for an AOL executive is approached at her desk by a line of customers who have suggestions about how to improve the internet service. The secretary goes into the executive’s office to tell him that there are some customers outside who have some new ideas for the company. He asks how many, and she says, “All of them” as the camera angle pans up to show …

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