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15 May 2008 • Filed under ,

In the 1980’s and 90’s, no self-respecting music fan of the indie persuasion could be found without at least one CD from UK record label 4AD. The label’s music catalog holds some fantastic, acclaimed music which profoundly shaped my musical leanings. Graphic artist Vaughn Oliver gave the label’s releases a distinct style that is often imitated but never quite duplicated. His covers for Lush, The Pixies, Throwing Muses, The Breeders and more rank among my favorite album covers. So imagine my delight upon stumbling across Fedge’s 4AD – The …

Deep in the Art of Texas.

13 February 2005 • Filed under

Ages ago, as a means to pay my way through school, I worked as a picture framer. All in all, it was an enjoyable trade that helped reinforce a lot of the visual precision that is so important to me now. I enjoyed the challenge of taking images and surrounding them with the textures and colors that best suited them. In a way, it was a lot like what I do now; full of careful measuring, designing to enhance content, allotment of resources, planning and patience. But I digress. Being a picture framer meant that I saw a lot of, …

Semi-New Artwork: Juliana Portrait

7 December 2004 • Filed under

Sorry about the RSS snafu. I had changed some Textpattern settings and hadn’t reset them correctly before publishing. I love drawing. I have realized, lately, how much I miss it. There is satisfaction to be gained from drawing that can’t be reproduced anywhere else. It’s amazing what human beings can do with a pencil, a pen, or a nub of charcoal. In the world of computer-assisted art and design, I have become accustomed to doing things quickly. Copy it, paste it, fill it, rubber stamp it. Don’t get me wrong; I …

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