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5 November 2007 • Filed under

I’ve been tagged. Via Stephen Anderson’s Poetpainter: If you’re like me, you may have several books you’re reading at once. Or maybe not reading, but referencing and scanning. Either way, these are the books piled up on your desk or beside your bed or [wherever else you stack books]. These are the 5 or 6 books that you are ‘in the middle of’. So, what’s in your BookStack? Exhibit A: The Design of Everyday Things by Don Norman. A must-read for any user experience designer. This is a thick, …

In Print.

18 May 2007 • Filed under ,

I’ve been tangentially associated with a couple of books recently, so I thought I’d toss out some plugs while I’m busy not writing here. ;) The Art & Science of CSS Several months ago, I was offered the chance to serve as technical reviewer for this book alongside the ever twitter-present Dan Rubin. It was a great experience, and hopefully the authors don’t hate me too much for all my niggling and feedback. It shaped up to be a great book, so check it out if you already haven’t done …

Book 'Em.

2 August 2005 • Filed under

Oh boy, it’s meme #2! I vowed to not participate in every meme that got pitched my way but this one has to do with books and the potential for snickering and pointing (“Look at that guy, what a plebian!”) is far too enticing to pass up. Additionally, I am surely the last person to do this thing, which makes it so uncool that there’s no way I can resist. Thanks, Aaron. ;) Here we go. Number of books on shelf. I have no idea. What, you want me to count? Suffice it to say there are …

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