October 2021
Pale Waves - My Mind Makes Noises
March 2019
Who hurt you, John Maeda?
February 2019
Musical Notes, 2018
January 2019
Recalculating Route
October 2017
Never Trust the Mockup (or the Demo)
July 2017
Andrew Couldwell: ‘Harness the power of symbols’
June 2017
Designing a Design System
August 2016
Taking an Invoicing Application Mobile
May 2016
Brand Insecurities on Display: MVMT Watches
January 2016
Writing as Problem Solving
November 2015
Go to the Field
30 Days with Sketch
October 2015
Minimum Viable Perspective
January 2011
2010: The Year in Tweets
September 2009
Loving: Metric, Imogen Heap, Lovelikefire, The Big Pink and good grief man this is ridiculous you need to blog more often.
Free Them.
January 2009
How I Learned to Stop Paying For TV Shows Twice and Love the Internet. More.
Rock The Dock (with Sifter).
A Suggested TV Commercial Script for Tobacco Lobbyists.
October 2008
How to Write an Episode of Fringe.
September 2008
Loving: LoveLikeFire
August 2008
Friend Me?
500XL Speakers from Fred: A Review for Your Reading Pleasure
How iPhone Has Changed My Life, Solved World Hunger and Given My Car A High-Gloss Wax Job.
June 2008
Loving: The Submarines - Honeysuckle Weeks
Wherein I Shamelessly Pimp My New Employer's Service.
May 2008
April 2008
March 2008
I Have A Fever, And The Only Prescription Is More... iPhone?
Ecosystems of Failure.
O Hai, I'm Back from SXSWi. And I Learned Something.
Why, Yes -- I Am Going to South By Southwest.
February 2008
Navelgazing 2: The Reckoning.
Loving: The Duke Spirit - Neptune
This Is Where I Write The "Hey Internets, I Redesigned Teh Site" Post and You All Pretend To Be Excited.
Next Update
November 2007
Loving: Minipop - A New Hope
How To Architect a Critical Software Update.
October 2007
What I Did On My Summer Vacation.
September 2007
Hello, Coke.
Loving: Tegan and Sara - The Con
August 2007
Ten Things To Do While Waiting for AT&T to Hook Up Your Internet Service
June 2007
Loving: 11:11 - Maria Taylor
Goodbye, Coke.
May 2007
In Print.
April 2007
World, Meet Geniant.
Loving: 23 - Blonde Redhead
Re-brand New.
March 2007
Loving: Upside Down - Damesviolet
January 2007
Loving: Clear The Area (Live) - Imogen Heap
I, Phone.
Five Things (You Didn't Know) About Me.
December 2006
Great Design Is In The Details.
More Than A Feeling.
November 2006
Regarding The Dismal State of Fortunes.
Carbine Action.
October 2006
Title Of Blog.
September 2006
Loving: The Cutters
The Making of a Lovable Mascot.
Peter Chernin Is The New Ron Burgundy.
August 2006
Waiter, There's An Advert In My Birthday Song.
Loving: Carnavas - Silversun Pickups
Nina Gordon is Totally My Friend.
Welcome to DreamHost.
Loving: The Pieces/Heidi Gluck
Carte Blanche.
July 2006
Loving: Kiss Them For Me - Siouxsie and the Banshees
How To Create a Tightly-Controlled Online Advertising Environment Poorly Disguised as a Social Network.
Loving: Raw - Scanners
Copy, Right?
June 2006
Greetings, Meat Balloons.
Loving: Tongue-Tied - The Hong Kong
You Might Be A Designer If...
Loving: New Years - Asobi Seksu
May 2006
Movie Time.
Loving: Sleep - Tree Wave
Trapper Keeper.
Loving: LDN - Lily Allen
Imogen Heap @ Lakewood Theater, Dallas TX
Are We There Yet?
Loving: Skinny Boy - Amy Millan
April 2006
Ugly Hurts.
Loving: Declare A New State! - The Submarines
Hot Chocolate.
Loving: To Where You Are - The High Violets
Felix Or Oscar?
Where Was I?
March 2006
Walmart's Newest Store Goes for Style.
Loving: Precious, Minipop
Metric at the Gypsy Ballroom, Dallas, TX.
SXSW 2006: Day 4
SXSW 2006: Day 3
SXSW 2006: Day 2
SXSW 2006: Day 1
See Y'all Down South.
February 2006
What Web Designers Really Want for Valentine's Day.
Loving: Come Clean, Curve
LinkedIn Listens.
January 2006
The Case of The Lying Link.
Loving: Are You Thinking What I'm Thinking?, The Like
Abel Is Dead.
The Case of The Perplexing Pump.
Four Thangs.
Things to Remember When Working for The Man.
Hair Nation.
A More Compact Disc Collection
Loving - 50 Foot Wave
December 2005
2005: The Year in Hyperlinks.
A Lesson in Fire Safety.
Loving: Stars
November 2005
Call of Duty 2: My Review
Loving: The Chalets
Dear SunnComm.
Metric at the Gypsy Tea Room, Dallas, TX.
Textpattern: Clean RSS Feeds & Feed Updates
Hooray, Textpattern 4.0.2!
October 2005
I Heart Compact Discs.
Refresh Dallas.
Loving: Speak For Yourself, Imogen Heap
Style Guides: Where Do They Fit In?
September 2005
Numero Uno.
Holy Schnikies, That's A Lot of Hits!
Loving: Live It Out, Metric
Longstanding iTunes Deficiencies.
An Open Letter to the Driver of a 1996 Honda Civic.
iTunes 5: Music to My Ears, But not My Eyes.
August 2005
Textpattern: Hacking the Comment Form's Tabindex
Loving: Black Box, Dynasty
Loving: Made in China, Juliana Hatfield
Textpattern 4.0 Up and Running.
What's New? Search Me!
Book 'Em.
July 2005
A Tale of Ink and Paper.
Eisley at The Gypsy Ballroom, Dallas, TX.
June 2005
Now That's What I Call Customer Service!
When 1994 Attacks.
Ten Questions.
Search Engine Overload
A Typical Day.
Your Restaurant Needs A Redesign.
We're Here.
May 2005
Do The Hustle
For those about to be inspired, I salute you.
April 2005
Pretty in Pink
The Future Looks Bright.
Seeds of Inspiration.
March 2005
SXSW: The Recap.
Catching the Shutterbug.
Catching Up.
February 2005
Deep in the Art of Texas.
Customer Disservice.
January 2005
Textpattern: Flexible Article Placement.
Golden Delicious.
Textpattern: Building a Better Portfolio.
December 2004
Winter Wonderland.
It Takes A Lot To Make Wednesday Exciting.
2004: The Year In Hyperlinks.
A Delicious Firefox Headache.
I'm Seeing Stars.
Sweet Fancy Moses! I've Become A Web Standards Elitist?
Semi-New Artwork: Juliana Portrait
Textpattern: Emails and URLs in Comments.
Plugged In: The RSS Edition.
November 2004
Commerical, Hijacked.
The Cure.
The Monday Edition.
The Honor System.
All Puppies Eventually Grow Up.
Breaking News? Let's Fix It.
Back In Black.
Season Of Change.
October 2004
Say Hello To Good Times.
Woes, Woes and More Woes.
Stop The Presses! Another Website Has Been Redesigned.
August 2004
You Are Looking At The Future.
July 2004
Old Dog, New Tricks.
Victory and Inspiration.
Some Quality Recommendations From Me To You.
June 2004
Juliana Hatfield at Stubb's BBQ, Austin, TX.
It's A Great Time To Be Alive.
April 2004
Crave The Wave.
September 2003

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