Jared Christensen is a well-seasoned (mostly salty) designer, an annoyingly enthusiastic music fan, a gold-medalist couch potato, a hopeful landscape gardener, and a work in progress.


I'm passionate about designing software that is human-friendly, clear, purposeful, easy to use, and aesthetically pleasing. I've worked with a variety of clients including Southwest Airlines, TaxAct, Pepsico, The Container Store, FedEx, and 7-Eleven. From workflow diagrams to detailed user interface designs, I love shaping and crafting on-screen experiences.

Currently a Principal Experience Designer at projekt202, I'm capable within a wide range of tactical and big-picture design tasks.


I've been publishing this website for well over two decades now. Though I do occasionally wax professional, this is mostly a personal space for me to write about what's good and to keep my hands ever so lightly familiar with HTML and CSS.

I love music, and often write about my loves and discoveries here on my blog. All of my music consumption is meticulously catalogued on Last.fm, and I maintain a Spotify playlist of the music I’m really into right now, because I’m sure you’re dying to know.

I'm also into gaming, home improvement projects, landscape gardening, photography, writing, and TV & movies. I share a lot of my home & garden life over on Instagram. I dump the rest of my brain on my blog. And sometimes on Mastodon.

This website uses things

This website has been running on Textpattern—a free open source content management system—since 2004. It is the bomb diggity, the bee's knees, the cat's pajamas, and other outdated idioms.

All fonts are served by Google. It's this startup in California. Have you heard of it? Libre Baskerville is the typeface primarily used for headlines, and PT Serif is used primarily for body copy. These are very sexy fonts, so a cold shower may be in your immediate future.

Hungry for more?

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