Wednesday October 20, 2004

Woes, Woes and More Woes.

Woe is me.

Indulge my complaining just this one last time. I attempted to set up MovableType last night and it went horribly wrong. Don’t ask me how, because I have no idea. I followed the instructions. Disaster ensued. Suddenly all my hard work was reduced to “Internal Server Error”, and this did not sit well with me. I blame myself for my apparent lack of database know-how, but feel somewhat justified in saying that setting up MovableType must be what it feels like to build a computer; namely, it’s no picnic if you’ve never done it before.

But I yearn for your comments. Yearn. So I shall most likely attempt an install of Textpattern in the future, since I have tried it out and found it to be pretty simple to set up. But this whole database-driven blogging system is new territory for me, so expect some bumps in the road.

But there’s more! Somebody please point me in the direction of hard and fast data about public opinion regarding Flash intros. If I have to do another Flash intro, I’m going to — well — do another Flash intro, because it’s my job. But I won’t like it, because intros are bad bad bad! And in the best interest of clients, we should not be selling something that actually hurts their business.

I guess that’s enough woe for one day. I promise to make a happy blog next time around.

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