Monday February 13, 2006

What Web Designers Really Want for Valentine's Day.

.truelove {
corners: rounded;
corners-radius: 5px;
gradient: vertical;
gradient-top: #000;
gradient-bottom: #555;
border: 2px solid #fff;
dropshadow: yes;
dropshadow-opacity: 50%;
dropshadow-color: #000;
dropshadow-x-offset: right 5px;
dropshadow-y-offset: bottom 5px;

Happy Valentine’s Day. One day we will all find .truelove.


Andrew Hamann » 5699 days ago #

/ME slobbers at the mouth

Mat » 5699 days ago #

It failed to validate.

Heliologue » 5699 days ago #

I’m going to whimper quietly now, if that’s ok. I wonder when IE would have support… 2010, perhaps?

Thame » 5698 days ago #

Those look handy…so when’s your browser coming out?

Sean S » 5698 days ago #

So long as corners is shorthand for corner-top-right, corner-top-left, corner-bottom-right and corner-bottom-left, I’m all for .truelove.

Zeerus » 5698 days ago #

Jared, are you trying to put IE to death, lol? anyway, a happy valentine’s day to you too. It seems like I’m the only blogger who wont be posting their happy V-Day post until the night.

Wade Winningham » 5698 days ago #

That would be a very nice thing, although I think I would much rather have a class called .myonetruelove which would deal better with the corners you and Stephen could come up with.

Jason » 5698 days ago #

Mmmmm… I could definitely go for some of that sweet lovin’...

James Finley » 5698 days ago #

border-radius: 5px;
border: 2px solid #fff;
box-shadow: 5px 5px #ccc;

This would, in CSS3, get the border and dropshadow, but there is no plan *unfortunately) for a gradient system in CSS3. You may be able to do that with SVG, though. CSS isn’t for creating graphics, but for styling a page. Though gradients could be used for general styling, I don’t think that it would pass. Whilst with SVG, it is specifically for Vector Graphics. Firefox fully supports SVG, and the (Safari open-source) does too. The Safari that comes through Apple directly supports SVG with an Adobe plug-in.

Jared Christensen » 5698 days ago #

Dare to dream, y’all. Dare to dream.

Pierce » 5698 days ago #

Actually, to be honest I’d just prefer sex.

chuck » 5697 days ago #


Joshua Lane » 5695 days ago #

Hmm… these are all fine selections, but certainly not as delicious as candy ;)

jose » 5691 days ago #

Really fun!

Kyle Jones » 5686 days ago #

Hmm.. You obviously don’t know what your talking about Pierce ;) Perhaps with the recent SVG surge in Safari dev something like this may be closer than we think :D

Jared » 5677 days ago #

I’m all “goo goo gah gah” over this.

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