Wednesday August 23, 2006

Waiter, There's An Advert In My Birthday Song.

Overheard at my local Chili’s:

Chili’s waitress, with forced enthusiasm: “Hey, Chili’s! It’s Maggie’s 5th Birthday!”

[clapping, woo-hoo’s]

Gaggle of unexcited waitresses, singing along to militant handclaps: “Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday from Chili’s!
Happy Birthday to you!”

So have your next birthday at Chilis. Because nothing says “thanks for celebrating with us, now sit down and let us turn this personal moment into a Chili’s billboard” like putting an advertisement in your birthday song.


Tim McCormack » 5506 days ago #

I thought they weren’t allowed to use the Birthday Song, ‘cuz it’s copyrighted. Hmmm.

Rob Weychert » 5505 days ago #

Mistake #1: Going to Chili’s.

Abel Rios » 5505 days ago #

Oh,get over it Mr. IfYouHaveThemSingThatToMeIWillPunchYouInTheMouth! :D

Chris Griffin » 5505 days ago #

Those assholes, well at least they give you a free brownie or whatever.

and their country fried steak with them mash taters and cobbed corn is heaven!

Nathan Smith » 5505 days ago #

Well, this way they don’t have to say “Happy birth-day dear, foobar” if they don’t know your name. :)

Jared Christensen » 5505 days ago #

Chili’s makes one awesomely tender steak ‘n’ potatoes meal. I’m just sad to discover that all that deliciousness is built upon the broken dreams of five year old birthday girls.

I wonder what’s next?

Me: “Excuse me, miss, where’s the restroom?”

Chili’s hostess: “This answer to your question is brought to you by Chili’s Big Mouth Burger. You tell us how to make it, with all the fresh fixin’s you want, just like you like it!”

Me: “You’re gonna need someone to clean up this puddle.”

@ Abel – It’s the neck. Punch in the neck.

Luis Garcia » 5503 days ago #

I personally don’t mind it. The same way I won’t mind it if/when Chan says my name in a song on September 16th.

Jared Christensen » 5503 days ago #


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