Thursday July 22, 2004

Victory and Inspiration.

The last week has been unbelieveably busy. I was at work until nearly midnight last night helping to prepare an important proposal. The latter part of last week and the weekend was spent pushing out another large-scale project which required some extensive late-night work. All in all, I’m satisfied to have done a good job, but glad to have the next couple of days mostly free to start exploring my latest interest: web standards.

Like many web designers, I’ve often visited Jeffrey Zeldman’s website. Zeldman is a web designer and author of the book Designing With Web Standards. For whatever reason, I just never “took” to the idea of creating standards-compliant websites. The whole process is still buggy, thanks to imperfect browsers and the sheer number of different browsers available to users. But in a recent effort to get up to speed with technology and learn the benefits of accessible and compliant web design, I bought Zeldman’s book. The only thing that has prevented me from finishing it in one sitting has been exhaustion, work, and more work. It’s fascinating stuff. Now that the floodgates have closed and my workload has subsided, at least for the moment, I’m looking forward to spending some time with my book, my computer, and some good old fashioned trial and error web work. Good times.

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