Thursday April 14, 2005

The Future Looks Bright.

Oh, Panda Express! You wise and truthful sage!

The past several weeks have been a whirlwind of serious life-changing decisions, professional reflection and frequent road-tripping. I’ve had to make some tough choices and weigh a lot of variables. I’ve been tired, excited, tired again, and then more excited. So it is with a relieving sense of finality that I announce to friends, weblog readership, and extended family my decision to accept a position at Bright Corner as a Visual Web Designer / Interface Designer.

I regard with tremendous gratitude my time with G2E Services. I have learned much from working with both talented and friendly people. We have created some truly awesome work. I am grateful that we can part ways amicably.

Bright Corner is located in Plano, Texas, so I will be leaving San Antonio — the city I have called home for the past 15 years. Moving away from San Antonio was perhaps one of the most difficult parts of this decision because this city has been such a major part of my life. But discomfort and risk are all part of the growing process, and my opportunities to grow and contribute as part of the Bright Corner team far exceed any cause for homesickness. After a number of interviews, face-to-face contact, and casual visits with the Bright Corner folks, my wife and I are confident that we are making a smart choice.

During our visit to Plano last weekend, Jessica and I got to meet fellow Plano resident Abel Rios and his fiancee, Sandra. We are also just miles down the road from Josh Dura and any number of Dallas-area designers I’ve filed away in my mind like Eris and Chuck. We also found an incredibly cool apartment property called the Eastside Village. It is a charming development in downtown Plano featuring large palazzo-style buildings with retail shops inhabiting the first floors. Add to that our building’s 1.5-block proximity to the DART light rail (pefect for Jessica’s school commute), and we knew we had a winner. It is a wonderful neighborhood full of parks, restaurants and people. I don’t think we’ll have any trouble calling it our home.

The next several weeks will be busy as we prepare and execute our move. We are excited, and I look forward to the work that lies ahead!


Chris J. Davis » 6002 days ago #

Congrats Jared,

And I am liking the new look, might be nice to see what you could do WITHOUT images…

But I digress. Love the pink, keep it coming. I am going to have to write another Site Spotlight on your aren’t I?

Cameron Moll » 6002 days ago #

Best wishes, Jared. Any firm that uses edges like those on this page will naturally get a nod from me…

Jeff Smith » 6002 days ago #

Congrats Jared, I’m very envious of this new job of yours. Good luck with the move and the start of this new endeavor.

Shawn Grimes » 6002 days ago #

Congratulations Jared. I wish you luck on the move and your new job. I’m sure you will do well no matter where you are though. Best wishes.

Chris McElligott » 6002 days ago #

Congrads on the new job, hopefully the move goes well for you! Best of luck

Jared Christensen » 6002 days ago #

@ everyone: Thanks! I appreciate the support. I, too, hope everything goes well.

@ Chris J: My website without images? Perish the thought!!! And, um, yes you’d better start writing. ;)

Abel Rios » 6002 days ago #

Congratulations man. There’s nothing like the feeling of ‘newness’ and excitement for the adventures that await you.

It’s cool you’ll be down the street from us. So expect those late night unexpected visits for USB cords, ethernet cords, or whatever comes up at the time. :P

Garrett » 6002 days ago #

Jared, we’re all looking forward to working with you. I’m a particularly big fan of pink, and the new redesign has further cemented in mind how hot your design skills are. Bring it on.

By the way, I’m getting started with Textpattern, and might be hitting you up now that I just figured out that’s what you’re running.

chuck » 6001 days ago #

wow, that is really cool, Jared. Congrats on the new position. A big move, but I’m sure you’ll love it up here.

I grew up in Plano and currently live about 15 minutes from the BC office. So, if you ever need to borrow some milk or a belt sander or something, just let me know. :)

again, congrats!

Colin McKinney » 6001 days ago #

Really like the look of this site! The pink shouldn’t work but somehow looks great. Keep up the good work

Brian » 6001 days ago #

Welcome to Plano and congrats on the job. I really like the area and sure you will too. Plus I think you’re right next to the Fry’s and an Olive Garden. We’ve got quite the booming little design community going on up here now.

Tell them to hurry up and finish the portfolio section! I guess I can’t complain, my design site has been “coming soon” for about as long as BC’s portfolio.

Jeremy » 6000 days ago #

Wow! Congrats Jared! I am excited for you and your wife. As I have recently made a similar decision I can say I understand the difficulty in making the decision though life is short and I am sure you have made the right one. All the best to you and stay in touch!

Matt E. » 5994 days ago #

Jared – The man! I very sorry to see you go – but I know you’re off to do better things. Good luck with the new team. I wonder if they’ll be able to fill Batman’s shoes? Keep in touch.
– M

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