Wednesday November 24, 2004

The Cure.

Rhino Records is currently streaming selections from the upcoming Cure release, Three Imaginary Boys.

Listen to the RealAudio stream

While the original 1979 release of Three Imaginary Boys was a bit before my musically-conscious life (I was, um, 7 years old), the decade-later release Disintegration was undoubtedly my musical epiphany. Then a pitifully unwise 17 years old, I had been polluting my ears for years with the idiotic strains of Bon Jovi, Europe, Cinderella, and a smattering of similar crap-rock bands. I think my only redeeming cassette tape (yes, I said cassette tape) may have been Run DMC’s Raising Hell. Thankfully, my teenage years saw the popularity of new wave music hit its stride, and by the time I really discovered The Cure, I was no longer a slave to the aforementioned crap rock.

From the orchestral bombast of Plainsong to the quite repose of Untitled, this was the album that put me on the music-devouring path that I have pursued for the past 15 years. When sleepy, conservative San Antonio, Texas finally got a new-wave/progressive radio station — forget about it. The high points in my life became trips to the record store, reading liner notes, and long bus rides to school listening to my favorite songs.

Since then there have been many musicians that have given me the gift of music that I not only hear with my ears, but feel with my heart. But The Cure will always maintain that coveted marker on my own musical roadmap as the band that started it all.


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Wow. I think I can hear crickets chirping in here.

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