Tuesday March 22, 2005


I’d like to thank everyone who offered their recommendations and insight into my search for a digital camera. After many hours of research and consideration, I finally chose to purchase the Canon PowerShot A95. And as you can see from the new Flickr section on the home page here, I have been spending some time playing around with all the nifty settings and feautures. This camera meets or exceeds all my criteria and has been a pleasure to work with. The coolest feature by far is the fold-out swiveling LCD viewfinder. I can’t tell you how many times (already) I’ve been glad to be able to use that screen to frame my shot without contorting myself to see it.

So expect to see more photos on the site. Flickr is pretty cool, but I think I may take a shot at implementing Albumpattern or some other photoblog plugin to keep a Photography section on this site. Who knows?


justin » 6025 days ago #

yay im the first to comment !! Congrats on the new camera, can’t go wrong with canon. One thing I can suggest is … Take your camera everywhere! The perfect photo oppurtunity’s come up when you least expect them (murphy’s law).

P.S. Love the new footer!

Abel Rios » 6024 days ago #

Nice pick! I totally agree with Justin. Although, I’m guilty of being lazy and never bringing along the camera. Have TONS of fun man! :)

Brian » 6005 days ago #

Albumpattern right now is not really being actively developed. There is a great plugin for flickr, though called vdh_flickr . It is extremely customizable and you can implement many galleries and all kinds of other fun stuff.

Nice site, by the way.

Brian » 6004 days ago #

Actually, it seems like greenrift, the developer of Albumpattern is emerging again, and he will “resume” work on Albumpattern. So if this is something you are interested in, then I guess you should just check the forum for updates.

Jared Christensen » 6003 days ago #

I ran into problems with vdh_flickr. I got a PHP error output message on all my pages. I’ll check into both it and Albumpattern. Thanks!

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