Tuesday March 7, 2006

See Y'all Down South.

Though I have been a South Texas resident for as long as the South by Southwest Interactive Festival has been around, this will be my first official year of attendance. I did take a day off with my buddy Matt to attend the amazingly boring (and free) trade show last year, where I managed to get all flustered introducing myself to Zeldman and Joe Clark. Ah, celebrity. But this year I will be attending the whole shebang, from start to finish, and I’m pretty excited about that.

Being a SXSW noob, I’ve discovered that you only get one shot to upload a photo for your badge, so I’ll be sporting a picture that makes me look like I’ve been bungee jumping into the Sun. Note to self: a little color correction goes a long way.

In person, I’m astonishingly tall, bespectacled, quiet and a tad socially awkward. Fun, huh? Instead or publishing my sunburnt photo, here’s one of me getting ready to take down someone who just asked me “How’s the weather up there?”:


;) Travel safely, folks. See you in a few days!


Jeff Croft » 5675 days ago #

Look for me down there. I’m definitely hoping to meet you! :)

Andy Budd » 5675 days ago #

Hey Jared, looking forward to bumping into you in Austin.

Nathan Smith » 5675 days ago #

Jared: We’ll have to grab some lasagna sometime during SXSW.

Jared Christensen » 5675 days ago #

Jeff & Andy: Definitely! Especially if you like lasagna!
Nathan: Aw yeah. Bring your crew. ;)

Justin Perkins » 5675 days ago #

Hmmmm, nothing like the lasagna in Texas. It’s the best.

Ritz » 5671 days ago #

What’s shakin? Just wanted to see if you wanted to help us whoop on Andy Budd and all those Brits. (http://bowling.avalonstar.com/)

We could use a new player. One of ours dropped last minute. We’re Team Beta Testers. Let me know!

moTx » 5670 days ago #

rox :)

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