Wednesday November 3, 2004

Season Of Change.

It was my honor and privilege to participate in two important events yesterday.


I haven’t voted in all presidential elections since I turned 18, but I have voted in the majority of them. I think I may have skipped the Clinton/Bush election due to a case of “Imsickofthiscrapititis”, but I have since repented of my ways. I feel good about casting my vote, even though it would be a cold day in hell if my preferred candidate actually won. That should give you a better idea of who I didn’t vote for.


I’ve already documented my distaste for MoveableType, and hinted at a move towards Textpattern. After a couple weeks of tinkering with some minor bugs, I have now partially mostly transitioned this website to Textpattern. I could not be more pleased with the results. As a new Textpattern user, let me run down some of the reasons why I decided to employ this nifty content management system:

  • It’s not MovableType.
  • It’s free, and not a free crippled version. Free.
  • Easy installation. All you need is PHP and MySQL on your server. That’s it. Upload your files, configure some paths, and you’re cooking with Crisco. Seriously, the install instructions are 3 short paragraphs.
  • Intuitive Admin area. Backend administration of a Textpattern site is a snap to wrap your head around. Tools are separated into Content, Presentation, and Admin tabs. Want to add and manage content? Go to the Content tab. Want to manage presentational elements? Bam. Presentation tab.
  • Elegant Admin area. Everything just looks so darn nice!
  • Easy publishing. Textpattern uses Textile, a syntax that reduces XHTML tags to shorthand Textile tags that reconvert to XHTML when published. Write article in Textile, view it in XHTML!

So if Textpattern is so easy and awesome, why did it take me two weeks to figure it out? Like learning a new language, familiarizing oneself with the system may take time. Having never used a CMS before, my learning curve was a bit steep. And Textpattern is not perfect. There is some give and take.

But, all in all, I’m excited about this change. No more hardcoding blogs for me!

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