Sunday April 1, 2007

Re-brand New.

Several minutes ago, I finally started on a 100% new and original logo design — something I’d been meaning to do for hours. It went rather quickly, playing with four curly brackets set in Avenir Myriad Pro that created a totally original, unstolen frame around a capital “J”. I used Myriad Pro for maximum originalness. This 100% original idea finally gave me something I didn’t hate the next day for being stolen from someone else. I’m excited to have a mark that I didn’t steal and will be flexible going forward, and it was crucial for me to create one that could be any size, or color (even looking intact using a single color) and that was — again — totally and completely a 100% original idea that I in no way trolled the internet for and stole from anyone else’s site or anything. I hope you all enjoy my 100% original idea that I didn’t find while desperately searching CSS galleries for logos to make a quick buck off of. I can sleep soundly each night knowing that my logo is 100% original, not 98% or even 2%. Seriously. I swear.


Leslie » 5285 days ago #

Hehe, happy April Fool’s to you, too!

CK » 5285 days ago #

This is all quite possibly the best April Fool come Blogging meme to date.

(Yours is the best ‘original’ design thus far)

Nice Paul » 5285 days ago #

I’ve been using my newly bought logo for less than 24 hours, and I can’t believe you’ve ripped me off already! You’ll be hearing from my lawyers…

Girish » 5285 days ago #

Funny guy! Quickly reminded me of Nathan Smith’s recent post about logo rip-offs. Sure there’s a connection somewhere in there… :)

Carolyn Wood » 5285 days ago #

April 1, 2007
Jared, your blog post is truly an inspiration. Would you be willing to write an article for us about your design process? You are one awesome design dude.

Derek Punsalan » 5285 days ago #

It must be April 1st. First I noticed the logo revival on Garrett’s site, now here.. Someone is going to get sued! ;)

Tobias » 5285 days ago #

It’s also on clagnut and mezzoblue.
Anywhere else?
Is anybody making a list?

Jared Christensen » 5285 days ago #

Lisa has a Flickr group for these, but it’s the only “list” I’ve seen…

Michele » 5285 days ago #

This one is probably the only April Fool that really made me laugh this year… :)

Dale Cruse » 5285 days ago #


Dan Rubin » 5285 days ago #

I’ve found two lists so far: one, two

Of course, you’ve all copied my new logo

David Airey :: Creative Design :: » 5284 days ago #

I arrived here through 9rules and want to say I like your blog design. Good work!

Travis » 5283 days ago #

Jared, what was the old theme you were using? Is it available somewhere?

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