Tuesday July 19, 2005


After no one tossed me a Flickr Pro account during the last round of freebies (ahem), I wondered if it was worth unshackling my wallet to pay for it myself. I’m no avid photographer (yet), and I’m certainly not making any deep social statements through the camera lens. Still, Flickr’s current promotion is hard to argue against, even for a Johnny Snapshot like me. Come on: $24.95 a year? If I skip my stop at the Wendy’s drive thru tonight (smart choice anyway, I might add), that grease-free cash pays up my account for two months. I can do that.

So now that I have risen to the upper echelons of Flickr society, I have taken the opportunity to dutifully blow out my newfound bandwidth limit. Um, I didn’t even come close. Still, a nice batch of questionably interesting photos have now been added. So, if you have a few minutes, head on over and gawk, point, laugh, marvel or comment!


Abel Rios » 5906 days ago #

Good to see you utilizing that camera! You mean people were giving out Flickr Pro accounts?!

Jared Christensen » 5906 days ago #

Yeah… some existing Pro account holders got 1 or more memberships to give to a friend. The deal expired July 15th.

Nathan Smith » 5906 days ago #

Nobody threw me a free one either, and I’m about to hit my 200 limit on the free account. Still, I’m not sure if I want to “upgrade” because like you, I’m not a die-hard photographer. If it’s raining, I’ll stay home, rather than go out and capture thunderstorms on film.

Josh Jarmin » 5906 days ago #

I wish I had known that you needed a pro account before I gave both of mine away. Next time you need to speak up :)

Kyle Jones » 5906 days ago #

I whould probobly make more use of this bandwith I pay for.. I mean, I upload and upload, but it still says I’ve only used 0% of my bandwith.. ZERO PERCENT

Jared Christensen » 5906 days ago #

Josh – No sweat. I was just being facetious. ;)

Brian Behrend » 5902 days ago #

Freaking a! I only gave one of mine away and never noticed the message on the home page saying they were expiring. I wish I had known.

Clayton Gray » 5899 days ago #

Man, I could have given you a pro account. I had nobody to give them to. Gee-Wiz

gb » 5871 days ago #

Crap… I had an extra one that I had tried to give my brother (and who was so sluggish he missed it entirely). Hated watching it go to waste…

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