Wednesday December 1, 2004

Plugged In: The RSS Edition.

By popular request (meaning someone asked and I had free time), The Plugged In sidebar links are now available via RSS feed. Don’t you just love the sound of that? RSS feeeeeeed. It just rolls off the tongue like so much sweet chocolate.

The Atom feed is giving my so much grief that I’m not even going to mess with it anymore unless a lot of people beg me to. Or unless I have some free time tomorrow…



A documented bug in Textpattern prevents the Last-Modified header from updating when a new link has been added to the list. Curiously, the bug doesn’t affect all newsreaders. If you are not receiving an updated feed, you have my apologies. The TXP guys are aware of the bug and are surely working a fix into the next release.

Oh The Humanity! Another Update:

Links are now clean feeding thru this snappy short URL:


Jeff Croft » 6136 days ago #

What kind of ungrateful prick would ask you to go out of your way to do something like this for us? What a bastard.

Thanks, man. :)

Jared » 6136 days ago #

No sweat. I need to learn more about Textpattern anyways. I can’t be getting all lackadaisical…

Jared » 6135 days ago #

If anyone is experiencing trouble with the RSS feed, post a bug report here. I know I am having trouble getting NewsFire to recognize that the feed has updated. I don’t know if that’s a NewsFire issue or an RSS issue.

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