Friday August 18, 2006

Nina Gordon is Totally My Friend.

I don’t even know where to begin. I feel so honored. First of all I’d like to thank Nina herself for friending me. I’ve thought it would be cool to be Nina’s friend since back in the day when she was shredding it up with Veruca Salt. Our friendship is young, but I just know that we’re totally going to be IMing soon and sharing inside jokes. Oh, it’ll be the best, hanging out backstage and stuff. I can’t wait!

I’d also like to thank MySpace for giving me the means to be best buds with all my favorite celebrities. I’m just giddy with thoughts of who might friend me next! Fear Factor’s loudmouth host, Joe Rogan? Ex-Blink182 drummer and feuding divorcee Travis Barker? Popozao himself, K-Fed? Oh man, I think my head’s going to explode with virtual joy.


Mat » 5511 days ago #

They got you to sign up didn’t they?

Jared Christensen » 5511 days ago #

Know thy enemy, right?

Hugh G. » 5508 days ago #

HA HA! That’s awesome Jared! What a humbling experience for you.

I’m hoping one of the snakes, from that plane movie, makes me their friend. I need more hissing in my life.

Alexander Berglund » 5479 days ago #

Woa, sweet… I just wish I knew who Nina Gordon were…
I went to MySpace to try to find out if I have ever heard of her – I mean not to be disrespectful – but who is she? Anything in particular that made her famous?

Good luck with the new friend though and let’s hope the inside jokes will come soon…

Jared Christensen » 5478 days ago #

Nina Gordon used to be much more famous as the hard-rocking co-vocalist and co-songwriter for Veruca Salt.

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