Wednesday January 26, 2005


Are you feeling neglected, my precious webpage? There, there now; here’s some 11px Lucida Grande goodness. Do you feel loved again?

Not only has life been busy lately, but I’ve been taking some time away from the internet when I’m not at work. I’ve just felt oversaturated. So what have I been up to lately?

Textpattern, How I Love Thee.

I know I just said “I’ve been taking some time away from the internet,” but I’m not dead. Geez. Despite the learning curve I experienced at the outset, I’ve been “coming into my own” in my understanding of TXP. I’ve been contributing material to TextBook, an effort at centralizing documentation, and helping out here and there on the Support Forums. And, obviously, I’ve been spouting all kinds of Textpattern nerdery all over this website.

A Puzzling Development.

You know, I haven’t put together a puzzle in well over 10 years. My wife’s birthday was a couple of weeks ago, and my parents gave Jessica a puzzle—among other things. Yesterday I came home, way past my internet saturation level, and suddenly found myself feeling an unnatural compulsion to lay 1,000 jigsaw pieces out on our dining room table and make them fit together. Weird? You bet. Soothing? Amazingly so. More puzzling will go down tonight.

Tragically Beautiful.

At long last, House of Flying Daggers moseyed its way into this lazy town. Unlike Zhang Yimou’s last film, Hero, House of Flying Daggers features looser dialogue, sanguinous fight scenes and a twisted love story. Like Hero, it is beautifully staged and directed.

Movin’ On Up.

True to our nomadic traditions, our little design company is moving (again). We have acquired a fine office space in one of San Antonio’s more historic downtown districts. Due to delays in repair work on the old structure, however, we cannot move in yet. More juicy details as they become available.

Well, that’s the deal, the skinny, and the low-down. Keep on reaching for the stars.


Shawn Grimes » 6079 days ago #

Puzzle? I have not put together a puzzle in years. Hmm, I may have to start one in the near future. It’s nice to take some time away from the internet once in awhile. Enjoy yourself Jared.

Addison Hall » 6078 days ago #

My wife loves puzzles, but I rarely have the patience to work so hard on something so temporary. You’re a better man than I.

As the result of a new convention center being built directly on top of our office in downtown Jackson, we have to move as well. Our company has been here for a good 15 year or so—we’ve aquired a lethal level of crap stored thoughout our space. I totally dread moving.

Shawn is right, free time is good. I have to make myself do it sometimes.

Jeff Smith » 6077 days ago #

As do I Addison. I gave myself yesterday away from the world of the net. Even at work I was away from it for a change. We’re coming to the end of a big project, so I spent the morning finishing up a bit of documentation, and then yesterday afternooon our CEO had the project set up with an xbox, so it was a great day all round! Even after I got home last night I stayed away, it was a nice break. Something I definitely need to do more often, I think it will be a benefit to me as a designer as it will let me kind of clear my head and regain perspective on things.

Jeremy » 6073 days ago #

Jared, I can relate to your seeming lack of enthusiasm for personal publishing. I too reach a point of saturation where the best thing to do is walk away. I live on the computer 10 or so hours a day and draft up concepts to publish on my site then never get around to it. No biggie I suppose. I imagine folks would rather something relatively well thought out then have to experience smallTransport on cinders! Good luck with the move!

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