Wednesday February 20, 2008

Navelgazing 2: The Reckoning.

I don’t want to dwell on the redesign too much, but I do want to touch on a few points. So here we go.

Did You Know That I Have A Links Feed?

It’s true, and it’s here. I don’t want to say it’s the best link feed on the internet, but in 5 years of publishing, I’ve retained a whole 215-ish subscribers. Just sayin’. Its a pretty exclusive club. Get in on the ground floor.

Previous to 1 a.m. this morning, my linklist was being pulled in from Adding a “pluggedin” tag to any bookmark I wanted to share and having it automatically blown out in a feed was certainly convenient, but there were always weird characters popping up once the items were pulled into Textpattern. Additionally, I’m just getting tired of the extra bulk that gets added to my account every time I want to share a funny LOLcats picture. Bringing links back into Textpattern gives me more control over both the formatting of the links themselves and my own “lol i have to link this!1” impulses.

Love Is Dead.

Well, “Loving…” is, at least. Some of you may remember that section of the site as my brief flirtation with sharing music via (pseudo) podcasting. I got some positive feedback for it, and it was fun to do, but ultimately the process became a hassle. And the free file hosting service I had been using became, um, un-free. All those entries are still in the Archives, but future “Loving…” articles most likely won’t have anything attached to make iTunes kick into download mode. Just links and the occasional embedded music player. Hope you’re not too disappointed.

Contrasting Views.

For the longest time I swore I would never do a “light on dark” design. There is a pretty fine line that these designs tread, balancing proper contrast with accessibility. When the meme was first gaining momentum, most of the designs literally hurt my eyes; they were far too high-contrast. But I relaxed my opinions over time, seeing well-executed and eyeball-friendly sites like Daring Fireball find that successful sweet spot. I spent a lot of time developing a pleasing contrast between text and background, so hopefully a similar sweet spot has been found here as well. Enjoy!


Mat » 4960 days ago #

Shame to hear you’ve dropped “Loving…” but glad to hear not altogether. Found some lovely stuff through it.

Oh, and now you mention it, this site is such a rip of Daring Fireball. If I had a blog, I would totally call you out.

Sam Brown » 4960 days ago #

I like your light-on-dark Jared, must be those silly Windows users and their crazy Gamma settings.

Must add the redesign to Great work!

Jared Christensen » 4960 days ago #

@Mat – Might I suggest They have some fine templates built with the CSS and the XHTMLs!

Mike Stickel » 4960 days ago #

Recently I’ve noticed myself being more and more susceptible to contrast — especially retina burning contrast. I’m happy to report that my retinas are doing fine. If they could they would thank you for all the due diligence you’ve put into this design, but since they can’t I’ll do it for them.

Jordan » 4960 days ago #

Its all looking fantastic Jared, I’m really loving the pink as a highlight, rather than the feature.
I’ve also been going through the process of trying to get a happy medium in contrast for a light on dark site. I don’t think i’m quite there yet, but its certainly worth sorting out.

Bart-Jan » 4960 days ago #

Did you import your existing links into textpattern? I am also running textpattern and import my links, but indeed, it’s not ideal. Could you tell a little more about how you did this?

Jared Christensen » 4959 days ago #

Bart-Jan: As far as I know, there is no established mechanism for importing Delicious bookmarks into the Textpattern database. I used txp_icio_us to pull the links into the site, but they never actually existed here; they were always on

So when I flipped the switch back to using Textpattern’s built-in Links, the Delicious links completely disappeared from the site. Which is fine with me — all those links are still on Delicious.

Jason Beaird » 4959 days ago #

I used to get all the links I could bare to click through via Twitter. Then I closed my favorite twitter client to improve work productivity. Suddently I feel the need to subscribe to more links feeds. This will inevitably result in lost productivity…which is when I’ll turn back to Twitter again.

Viking KARWUR » 4959 days ago # – rocks with TextPattern…

Jonny » 4958 days ago #

Thanks for sharing!

Best wishes, JM

Fubiz™ » 4958 days ago #

Nice idea, the links feed!

David Yeiser » 4955 days ago #

Very nice! I like the Beaux-Arts border at the top. I’ve always wondered if you could pull off an architectural feature on a website. Apparently you can. Excellent!

jason » 4954 days ago #

Love the palette, layout and typography. One of the best executed HTML sites I’ve seen recently. Good job!

Fubiz™ » 4954 days ago #

Beautiful template !

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